How affiliate marketers can profit from the Easter season

Affiliate Marketing Guide: How to Profit from the Easter Season

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It’s time for hunting Easter eggs. For affiliate marketers, it’s time for crafting profitable e-commerce campaigns, checking out the best converting verticals and trending offers to make the most of their efforts. If you want to learn how to profit from the Easter season, you have come to the right place.

The Easter Bunny is just around the corner. Hooray!

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Consumer Insights on Celebrating Easter in 2022

I know you feel just the same way. It’s time to slow down, forget about your work for a while, right? Well, not really, if you are serious about your business.

In affiliate marketing slang, “Happy Easter” basically means “A profitable one”. Is it easy to achieve? No, it’s never easy. Is it doable? Yes, it is, if you are a revenue-driven and passionate professional and know how much it takes to be successful. But even though it’s hard, it’s worth trying.

Just take a look at these numbers presented by the United States National Retail Federation for 2022 season:

  • 79% of Americans declare they’re going to celebrate Easter 
  • They spend ca. $18.11 billion in total and $151.25 per capita
  • Every third dollar is spent on gifts or clothing
  • 48% of those who don’t celebrate Easter still participate in the shopping spree

Also, here’s a most recent report on how consumers celebrated Easter amid the pandemic, which can serve as a good clue for the 2022 season. 

Easter 2020 report

We Are Living in an Era of e-Commerce

Talking about solid data concerning affiliates’ profits during holidays, let’s concentrate for a minute on the bigger picture of our industry.

According to estimations published by Statista, in 2022 retail e-commerce sales worldwide will amount to 6.54 trillion dollars. It’s almost twice as much as three years ago which means that the global shift to e-commerce was propelled even further amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

What is more, online shopping is also trending as one of the most popular online activities. Millennials make more than 60% of their purchases while browsing, and that number is still growing.

It’s not a secret that the power of e-commerce will only increase. Do you want a piece of it? I’m glad to hear that.

What Are the Best Affiliate Verticals for Easter Season?

It’s not a coincidence that I provided you with such a long introduction about e-commerce. A shopping frenzy is actually one of the biggest opportunities for affiliate marketing specialists to profit during holidays like Easter.

Typical customers buy a lot these days, sometimes even more than they can afford, throwing parties for their families, buying gifts, flowers, clothes this year mostly online.

The other verticals you should take a closer look at during Easter are nutra and finance. Obviously, we all want to keep fit despite the abnormal amount of chocolate eggs we’ll secretly devour. That’s one explanation.

On the other hand, there’s also a significant group of people who want to make sure they’ll be able to afford all the Easter celebrations or hope for some extra cash to be made — or found while searching for that Easter Egg.

They need to order food, decorations, home appliances, home gym equipment, research financial opportunities… They need your offers.

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Top Affiliate Marketing Offers to Promote in Q2 2022

Apart from Easter-themed offers, there are several other trends in affiliate marketing to follow during the upcoming weeks.

At the very beginning of the last year, we posted about everything that happened in 2020 and how to learn from it in 2022. Long story short, here are some tips on what you should pay attention to when optimizing your campaigns in the middle of April:

  • If you are not a newbie, analyze your previous year’s performance in Q2, select verticals and offers that were converting best.
  • If you are new in the business, here is our recommendation based on historical data: downloads, shopping, nutra, surveys and sweeps.
  • Take advantage of the calendar. From April till June there are at least a couple of potentially profitable events (from Mother’s Day to Memorial Day or the end of theUS Tax Season!). Remember about them while crafting your e-commerce, finance, and sports betting campaigns.

Happy Easter with Golden Hits of Push Notification Ads

Due to their popularity among affiliates right now, it’s impossible to talk about the optimal performance marketing strategy for Easter season without at least mentioning push notification ads.

After analyzing recent trends in push ads campaigns in Zeropark (comparing e.g. numbers of sold visits and conversions), we may make a list of verticals better performing than others.

Simply put, it’s worth considering starting survey and sweeps (including vouchers), dating, casino and gambling (including sports betting) and finance (including insurance, loans, real estate, investing and tax – better check out How You Can Make Money on the 2022 Tax Season) offers.

Before you start, read about The Hottest Trends in Push Notification Ads Creatives, one of our latest blog posts featuring recent trends in creating profitable and eye-catching push ads.

Graph showing current trends in push notification ads

How to Profit from the Easter Season – Key Takeaways

Easter season is here. It’s a massive opportunity for your affiliate marketing activities. Planning to boost your performance in the following weeks? Here you will find a bunch of tips. Enjoy!

  • Make it Easter-themed. Little cute bunnies, chickens and painted eggs are what we all like these days.
  • Think about customer needs. Gifts and clothing are on the top of e-commerce spendings during the Easter season. Average US citizen will spend $50 on it.
  • Pay attention to Q2 trends and red hot verticals and ad formats at the moment. Search for the best e-commerce, travel, and survey and sweeps offers.
  • Take advantage of the calendar. There are some great e-commerce and sports and betting opportunities waiting for you.
  • Target, analyze, react and optimize your campaign smoothly to make the most of it.

You’re new in the business? Here’s what Neill Burton, Zeropark’s Head of Account Management, recommends you do:

My general advice is to start big, pausing either keywords or sources that do not work to cut off big sections of unprofitable traffic. Once you’re happy with the keywords or sources left, you should then start optimizing on the target level.

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