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Black Friday and Affiliate Marketing in 2020: How to Make the Most of It?

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Everyone loves a bargain, right? And with Black Friday just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to maximize your affiliate marketing campaigns. Today we’ll look at some tips and tricks to maximize your sales not just on Black Friday, but also beyond.

What is Black Friday?

It’s important to understand what Black Friday is so that you can get the most out of it. If you are an American then this will be obvious to you, but there will still be value for you. Briefly, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States — November 27, 2020 — and in some states, it is a public holiday. These factors made it a great day to go shopping in the run-up to the Holiday period which included Christmas and Hannukah.

Black Friday has now spawned other related holidays including Cyber Monday (which focuses on Online deals) and — thanks to globalization — spread to other countries as well.

The key takeaway here is that Black Friday has different levels of recognition around the world with the US being the highest, there is a purpose (for the holiday period and gifts) that may not be present in other geos. Thanks to public holidays, more people may be out and not at a desktop during the day.

Affiliate Marketing Trends

One final point is that there are other, similar events that aren’t called Black Friday that you should take note of. For example, Single’s day in China which has much the same atmosphere.

So what can you do to maximize your Black Friday marketing results? Let’s look at some tactics you can use at three specific stages.

  • Pre-Black Friday
  • On Black Friday
  • After Black Friday is over.

Prepare in Advance Pre-Black Friday

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If you want to make the most of Black Friday, you need to start preparing beforehand. If you just try and turn up a day or two before (or even worse, on November 27th ) then you’ll only see a small boost. Instead, it’s time to get strategic and planning your attack plan.

Find good offers

This is something you should be doing all the time but you need to get a list of good offers ready in advance before the big day. Obviously, some offers will only be live on Black Friday for short periods of time but you can test out similar offers on different traffic sources to work out if an offer is actually good. Don’t just go on the word of other marketers but verify for yourself.

There are a couple of ideas you may want to consider when it comes to Black Friday offers.

Gift Recommendations

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for gift ideas around the holidays time. It’s a pain to have to think of a suitable gift and so a webpage with a list of suggestions really helps. Look at your offers and see if you can put together some gifts to recommend.

Create a special offer page

Black Friday always has a ton of special offers going on as retailers discount goods to get them to shift. Designing a specific landing page with special offers is great to direct traffic to on Black Friday. People are looking for deals and you may well get multiple conversions as people try to make the most of the sales.

  • Set up your page in advance
  • Reach out to the affiliates you promote and check on any special offers they have planned
  • Be ready to update your page on the day.

As people aren’t just looking out for Black Friday deal on Black Friday, you can set your landing page up to offer a sneak peek of the upcoming deals and then entice people to sign up for notifications when your deals go live.

It’s also good to think about how this page can be relevant in the lead up to Black Friday but you can adapt afterward to make the most of follow up. Some ideas include

  • A countdown timer till your deals go live
  • Countdowns for each deal
  • Adding new deals as they become live
  • Placing the most popular deals higher up as they convert more
  • Group offers together that are relevant to each other

Identify your best source of traffic

Related to finding offers, you should find out what traffic sources respond best to your offers as well. Not all traffic will respond the same way to your offers and so you need to test which traffic sources are more effective. To do this you need a good tracker and start with more broad targeting.

Pay particular attention to

Running tests will also allow you to test if an offer is effective or not on a particular source. Doing so in advance will help you target the best traffic on the day.

Collect Leads in advance

Instead of trying to drum up traffic on Black Friday for your offers, start finding people who will be interested in advance. Run sweepstakes or PIN campaigns to collect interested leads who you can then share your Black Friday offers to on the day. This also allows you to make the most of quieter times when there are fewer things competing for our attention and traffic is cheaper.

You can also collect leads on a pre-offer landing page, especially if you have an offer page set up which promises to contact people as soon as your deals go live.

On Black Friday

Black Friday 2020

Now that you’ve prepared for Black Friday it’s time to make the most of November 27th.

The burst offer campaign

One day sales, lightning deals, and mass reductions are all common during this period and that scarcity really helps drive conversions. By running dynamic, targeted, burst campaigns you can profit off those deals too. Just look at this 2017 example of how one campaign promoting Philips’ products campaign really took off. The offer received 191,449 redirects within a very short period of time by maximizing the number of visits with a strong bidding strategy.

A chart which shows an affiliate campaign for Philips's products that ran during Black Friday 2017

Push Ads

Push ads are great for time-sensitive deals, they send a push notification to a users desktop or mobile device. With many people away from their desk, you need to reach them where they are. Push Ads are a great way to send a time-sensitive advert with a strong call to action.

Use Premium Traffic Sources

Not all traffic is equal. Some has a proven track record of higher conversions than other traffic sources. This isn’t just because of ad fraud or bots, but sometimes the content on the page doesn’t entice the visitor to stay on the page or even when they do, they aren’t compelled to click on an ad. In Zeropark, we offer premium traffic sources — segmented traffic which has a history of higher conversions — so that you can see a better return on your ad spend. This is great for Black Friday where prospects are primed to buy.

Run Source Campaigns

Thanks to your pre-Black Friday research you should have identified some sources which have better conversions than others, now is the time to reap the rewards by running source campaigns on those locations which have delivered more traffic and conversions.

Follow up on Leads you have collected

If you ran a lead generation or pin submit campaign in advance, then you’ll have some interested prospects who you can target with for offers they’ll want. Like retargeting, we are more likely to be reaching interested leads who have shown a previous interest in our offers. This should make getting conversions easier.

Follow up Black Friday

An illustration of a note saying Follow up on Black Friday

It’s not over yet

Don’t forget, it’s not just Black Friday but there are other dates that you can take advantage of. Cyber Monday is only a couple of days later on November 30. Some companies now run extended Black Friday deals which run for as long as a week after the actual date. Then there’s the long trail after Black Friday when people are still hunting for gifts for loved ones. And even post Christmas and New Years sales. So keep an eye out for any other special promotions and relevant dates in different geos.

Analyze your results

There’s a lot of traffic and offers available at this time of year. So it’s important to review your results and apply lessons to your future campaigns. Good tracking solutions will help you learn which device type, connection, country, and more dimensions brought you greater conversions.


Retargeting later is a great tactic and with the prospect you’ve collected both before and on Black Friday, you can launch follow up campaigns. If you can provide offers that perhaps aren’t as good as the Black Friday ones you can appeal to those who regret missing out on the Black Friday deal.

Rest and rewards

Once you finished running your successful campaigns, there’s only one last thing to do. Rest and enjoy the rewards of your hard labor.

Black Friday Is Coming.