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Why Zeropark Implemented Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

1080 755 Adam Chojnacki

It’s possible that you didn’t notice our latest addition in Zeropark. After all, adding support for IPv6 to Zeropark isn’t like adding a new tab to the panel. Some advertisers, however, have asked our talented…

Insider’s Take: Where’s Affiliate Marketing Headed in 2019?

2158 1506 Mat Drela

Editor’s Note: The article you’re about to read comes from Mat Drela, Zeropark’s Managing Director and a long-time industry expert. Mat shares his predictions about affiliate marketing trends in 2019, including his takes on the…

Fighting Ad Fraud In Affiliate Marketing

2250 1570 Chris Wilson

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I buy something only to discover that I could have bought the same thing for cheaper. It’s even worse when I get something and it…

Zeropark Traffic Cleanup and What We Learned From It

1080 753 Bartosz Bielecki

You don’t often see companies throw a massive chunk of their inventory out the window. Zeropark, however, wouldn’t be where it is right now, if it wasn’t for a major traffic cleanup back in 2017,…