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One of the greatest plot twists of affiliate marketing in 2020, apart from all the craziness that year brought, was undoubtedly the emergence of yet another ad format — the in-page push traffic. It may be new to the team, but it definitely got everyone’s attention. Now it’s 2022, it’s time to take a look at it again to see if it’s still just as good.

To make things crystal clear, here’s all you need to know about in-page push traffic!

What’s in-page push traffic?

In-page push traffic is a new ad format that emerged at the beginning of 2020 and is still going strong in 2022. In-page push ads look similar to push notifications, but they’re not push ads and that’s why users don’t need to subscribe to receive them. In-page push ads are actually banner ads displayed directly on publishers’ websites and working on the CPC model. This means in-page push ads are available for all users, on all devices — iOS included.
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In-page push traffic vs. the Chrome browser updates

In-page push has barely been introduced and it’s already had its fair share of attention. This is obviously due to the infamous Chrome 80 update situation and its resemblance to standard push ads. To answer all the doubts and questions, here are the main characteristics of in-page push traffic.

  • In-page push ads are in fact banner ads.
  • They’re meant to resemble standard push notifications in their design.
  • In-page push ads are shown directly on publishers’ websites.
  • In-page push ads don’t require users to subscribe to receive them.
  • In-page push ads work on all desktop and mobile devices, iOS included.
  • In-page push ads are displayed to users the moment the bidding is won.
  • In-page push ads operate on the CPC cost model.
  • In-page push ads allow multiple targeting options.
  • In-page push ads allow reaching fresh audiences.
  • They’re not subject to the same technical restrictions as standard push ads.

In-Page Push Ads vs. Push Ads Infographic

Benefits of running in-page push campaigns

So, advertisers know what in-page push traffic is and what its characteristics are, but the main question still remains to be answered. What are the benefits of running in-page push campaigns? Here they are.

No subscription needed

The fact that users don’t need to subscribe to receive in-page push ads is by far its biggest advantage for advertisers and publishers alike. Given the speculations and frenzy that Chrome 80 update brought upon the affiliate advertising community, regarding third-party cookie blocking as well as the quiet UI and push subscription request blocking, in-page push ads seem like a great alternative. Ads are displayed directly on publishers’ websites and are not affected by the latest browser updates.

Broad yet personal

In-page push ads are displayed to a much broader audience than web push notifications, yet they’re just as user-friendly as classic push ads. Using the same design is meant to catch users’ attention by featuring ads in a non-intrusive yet well-known and trusted form. In this way, advertisers get to keep promoting their offers using push-like ads, publishers get to keep having their sites monetized, and users get to receive relevant ads in a form they’re already familiar with. 

More users than ever

Thanks to in-page push ads being actually banner ads, in-page push traffic is now available for all desktop and mobile devices, including iOS. This is great news given iPhone users were left out of the push advertising picture for a long time. Now that this broad and highly interactive group of users can be included in in-page push campaigns, a new and completely fresh group of users is available. 

Immediate and convenient 

In-page push ads are immediate — the moment a bidding auction is won, a winning ad is displayed to the users. In-page push ads aren’t delivered straight to users’ devices even when they don’t actively use it (like with web push ads). Instead, in-page push ads are shown to users when they actively engage with publishers’ websites, but thanks to the push-like form, they’re not being disturbed. 

You only pay for clicks

In-page push ads work on CPC (Cost-Per-Click) cost model only. This particular cost model used also for push ads, is a convenient way for advertisers to pay for the actual clicks only. Given the in-page push ads are not restricted to subscribed users only, and are displayed to all users visiting a publisher’s website that matches the targeting of an in-page push campaign, this seems like a fair way of getting only high-quality inventory.

In-page push traffic vs. push traffic. What’s the difference?

The two ad formats have a lot in common, there’s no doubt about it. Similarities include the visual side, a user-friendly format or the campaign creation process. Despite the common features, in-page push and push advertising is, in fact, based on two different types of traffic and a few crucial differences need to be noted. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of in-page push and push traffic. 

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In-Page Push Ads vs. Push Ads Infographic

What are the best niches for in-page push ads in 2021?

As with every ad format, some verticals tend to perform better than others. For in-page push, given its likeness to web push traffic, the scope of most profitable angles remains quite similar.

Here’s a list of verticals working best with in-page push traffic.

  • Lead Generation
  • Sports Betting
  • Hobbies & Education
  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Antivirus
  • Surveys & Sweepstakes
  • Downloads
  • E-commerce/Travel
  • Dating

Finding offers suitable to run with in-page push shouldn’t be a problem for any advertiser who has run push campaigns before. Only this time there’s a fresh audience to be targeted — iPhone users. That’s why finding offers for iOS, as well as other mobile and desktop devices for in-page push traffic, might be a great way of targeting a fresh audience of users.

In-page push marketing ideas for 2021

Thanks to the fact that in-page push ads are meant to look like push notifications, using in-page push traffic allows for a user-friendly and non-intrusive advertising. But even the highest quality traffic won’t help if your ads copy and creatives are poor. To make your ads noticeable, ad-fatigue prone and highly convertible — look at the below advertising tips.

Creatives that catch the eye 

Although all the guides to successful advertising tell you to get as creative as you can, and they’re right in fact, you need to be careful when it comes to push advertising, including in page push. 

This is because push-like messages have very little room for both the creative and the message part. Images need to be simple or icon-like so that users can instantly understand what the notification tells them. But if you’ve run push campaigns before, you surely know it by now. For those who haven’t, here’s something worth reading.

Learn The Hottest Trends in Push Notification Ad Creatives!

Copy that converts 

Just as with the images, the message text needs to be short yet luring. There’s no room for elaboration, but storytelling techniques can still be applied. How to do that having only 105 characters to type in? Well, have a look below!

Want to Know How To Write Push Ads Copy That Converts?

In-Page Push Ad Examples

If you’re still wondering how to create perfect ad creatives for your in-page push campaigns, here’s what we’ve gathered. The below examples follow both push and in-page push traffic guidelines and have been already proven to perform well. 

Nutra & Diet — telling image, relatable problem, sense of urgency and promise of quick success? Yes, it’s all there.

Example Nutra Offer

E-Commerce — everybody loves a bargain, and there’s always some latest fashion to promote!

Example E-commerce Offer

Dating — dating vertical and promise of finding the perfect match work every time, just try it.

Example Dating Offer

Casino — a promise of quick profit will surely get to those who seek thrills. Exclusive offer ending soon? No time to waste!

Example Casino Offer

Remember these are placed here as example materials and should be adjusted to match your campaign’s offer and targeting so as to keep your ads converting as long as possible. The ad life-cycle, market saturation or creative fatigue should always be taken into consideration. That’s why having a set of creatives to rotate is always a good practice.

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Example Gambling Offer

How to make money with in-page push traffic? Whitelist data

In-page push traffic is a newly added format and the publisher base is growing day by day. With fresh sources of traffic coming up all the time, we’d suggest running broad campaigns first. This way allows for identifying the best performing units for your type of campaign and targeting. Test the broad setup to see what works best and only then start running specific campaigns.

But in order to make your life just a bit easier, we’ve decided to give you a list of the best converting sources for in-page push traffic at the moment. 

Here’s a short instruction on how to work with whitelists!














How to start an in-page push traffic campaign in Zeropark?

Now that you know what, where and how to promote the last step would be to kick off your campaigns.

For those interested in running in-page push campaigns in Zeropark, here’s how. 

1. Read the in-page push traffic documentation and campaign creation guidelines.

2. Watch the in-page push video tutorial taking you through every stage of creating an in-page push campaign.

3. Go to your Zeropark account and start your own in-page push campaign!

Don’t worry about browser updates in 2021!

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