Joey Babineau optimizes US McAfee campaign to profitability with the help of Zeropark support teams

Joey Babineau optimizes US McAfee campaign to profitability with the help of Zeropark support teams

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Discover how through optimization Joey Babineau managed to find profitable targets in Zeropark while testing a Push campaign with a McAfee antivirus offer.

About Joey Babineau

Joey Babineau is a seasoned ad performance marketer who, all by himself, managed to build a profitable and sustainable business. Running social media channels, he established his position as one of the key insightful ad performance and affiliate marketing influencers.

Key Takeaways

  • Upping the bids on the target level up to even $0.9 CPC allowed Joey to become more competitive on the 22 best-performing targets
  • The best targeting combination for the McAfee US campaign is desktop, Windows 10 for Chrome, and Edge browsers
  • 40% of conversions came from Florida and Connecticut
  • Nebraska, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Louisiana, and Alabama offered the highest ROIs
  • Custom RBO rule paused over 20 unproductive targets
  • During the testing phase, only 0.26434% of unique clicks were flagged as suspicious by the Voluum tracker

Key takeaways from the Joey Babineau case study


As Joey’s primary goal was to find the best targets for his antivirus campaign, the main focus here was to cut down sources that do not bring optimal results. Therefore, the testing budget was not intended to bring impressive overall ROIs, but to provide data about how to target the McAfee US campaign in the future.

Dedicated campaign management teams in Zeropark joined forces with Joey on this affiliate marketing adventure. But this one offered a lot of challenges to overcome:

  • Winning RTB auctions in a highly-competitive US market
  • Finding out which targets offer lots of impressions, but do not convert
  • Selecting granular geolocations that bring the most conversions
  • Determining the best creative for this Push campaign
  • Optimizing day-parting settings
  • Finding OS that will suit this campaign best
  • Controlling the bids to balance eCPA


In order to receive the best results, Joey (supported by the Zeropark team) focused on analyzing data received during the test running of the campaign. Strategic and in-real-time reactions supported by automatic campaign Rule-Based Optimization proved to be the ultimate solution to optimizing sources.

  • Run-of-Network or source?
    Although the campaign did not go RON, it covered multiple sources suggested by Zeropark. What was ultimately found, is the set of best publishers for the campaign’s needs.

While setting up the campaign, Joey Babineau chose to go for targeting by source

  • Rule-Based Optimisation
    Joey Babineau set up his custom rule-based optimization setting. Whenever a specific target spend reached a total of $15, and there appeared no conversions within the previous 3 days, the Zeropark platform would automatically pause the said target.

This way Joey managed to save his budget from overspending on targets that prove to be not worth focusing on. But, as he mentioned in his material, this rule could be upped to even $35 of spend per target, as the payout on McAfee’s US offer is $52 per conversion.

For the McAfee campaign, Joey Babineau set up a Rule-Based-Optimization feature

  • Bids on target-level
    Joey set his CPC bid for this campaign at $0.1 but optimized it on the target level. After receiving the first comprehensive data, he decided to work on his competitiveness on 22 targets and raised bids to even $0.9.Joey Babineau upped the bids on best performing targets
  • Granular targeting
    The campaign was targeted at devices, OS, and browsers that promised the most conversions.The campaign was targeted at devices, OS, and browsers that promised the most conversions
  • Day-parting settings
    The advertised product imposed displaying an ad once per 24h per user and within 8 AM-00 AM timeframe.

The advertised product imposed displaying an ad once per 24h per user and within 8 AM-00 AM timeframe.

 For testing purposes, the daily budget was set to $200, but no total budget limitation was set. Traffic was bought smoothly to avoid spikes

As Joey Babinou is not only an ad performance marketer but also a recognized influencer and expert in the affiliate marketing monetization field, he prepared a case study on testing and optimizing Zeropark traffic in video format. Make sure you watch his material about testing campaigns for Zeropark traffic for some tips and ideas:

I up the bid on websites that bring conversions, so I get more delivery because I know they actually have customers that are interested in this offer. The more conversions the higher the bid I’m going to start setting here. Some of these I got from my Zeropark ad representative who recommended it to me.

If you are a performance marketer or an affiliate that wants to try new traffic sources, I think Zeropark is definitely a place to try. They do have decent volumes and [I had] no problem spending my budget on decent traffic.

Before you set up a campaign, talk to your ad representative at Zeropark. Ask them specifically what will work for your specific offer, and get assistance before you just go in and start firing money away at your ads.

Joey Babineau. Affiliate marketing and ad performance specialist with over 20 years of experience. Join his DayJobHacks community for industry insights.


Overall, Joey’s cooperation with Zeropark provided not only fruitful data regarding targets for future US McAfee campaigns but also brought an insightful look into best-performing creatives and targeting options. The next step is to scale up and run a well-optimized campaign. 

Stay tuned for updates, and let’s wish Joey more successful campaigns in the future!

  • Thanks to data analysis, Zeropark paused a source that most impressions – 1,151,071. This is because it brought only 990 clicks and not enough conversions
  • Testing helped Joey find the best-performing creative (#3) responsible for 50% of conversions.
  • Thanks to Zeropark RBO, Joey automatically shut over 20 unwanted targets
  • More than 99,7% of clicks provided by Zeropark were marked as clean by an external tracking tool
  • Adjusting bids at the target level allowed Joey and his Account Manager to pick out only the most converting publishers
  • Successful targeting in the United States is a difficult task, and it’s advised to try out different geos as well

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