Ultimate Guide to Push Notification Advertising

All You Need to Know About Push Notification Advertising

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Push notification advertising is undoubtedly a red hot digital ad format right now. What’s all the fuss about? Why is it so effective and customer-friendly? How to run it well and make profits? You’ll find all the necessary answers here.

Introduction to Web Push Notifications

Imagine heading to dinner to meet your partner’s parents. Pretty stressful, right? Trust me, it might be much worse. At the same time, your favorite team could have the most important game of the season. What would you do? Skip the dinner and upset your better half?

Nah, better stick to push notifications – short messages that pop up on your device, providing you with breaking news, weather alerts, plane departure updates, traffic info or live scores from that unmissable match.

We all like push notifications, as they are relevant, instant, and useful. That’s why they have become an ad format.

Called web push notification ads, they are commercial messages served by websites (both on desktop and on mobile), rather than by apps. They’re voluntary (you need to subscribe to receive them), so more acceptable and less annoying than other ad formats, unless they become too pushy.

Publishers also enjoy possibilities provided by web push notifications as they make it easy to collect and monetize a visitor database. And a totally cool thing is that users don’t need to be browsing to receive these ads.

Sounds like a win-win scenario? Well, it definitely might be! And it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of monetizing push notifications. No wonder they are currently so popular for advertising purposes.

an example of travel ad in zeropark's push ads

What Are Push Notification Ads?

To make it as simple as possible, push notification advertising is nothing more than sending ads to users’ desktop or mobile devices. That’s how web push notification ads are different from the push notifications sent by apps, that typically concern news, traffic updates or the Super Bowl winner…

To be more specific, take a look at how push ads work:

  • Users agree to receive a push notification from a website
  • Ads get delivered in the form of notification to the user’s mobile or desktop devices, even when they are not browsing
  • When they click the notification, users go to the promoted landing page or directly to the offer

It’s a native, efficient, and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences. And – last but not least – case studies like this one prove, it can be really profitable.

Web push notifications cooperate smoothly with some of the most popular browsers. While surfing the web, you have probably come across a website displaying a small pop up, asking to send you notifications.

They are supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari (desktop), Opera or Edge on all desktop and Android mobile devices.

Benefits of Push Notification Advertising

If you’re a marketer, there are at least several proven benefits of switching to push notification advertising.

First of all, it gets you high-quality traffic. As already mentioned, users must subscribe to receive website notifications. It means a real audience, something every affiliate asks from their traffic source.

The scale of push notification ads potential is significant. We are talking about hundreds of billions of real users worldwide on a variety of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). Imagine them all somewhere there – from Anaheim to Beijing, just waiting for your offer, crafted especially for their needs. Cha-ching!

Talking about money, keep in mind that notifications ads tend to bring you higher click-through rates than traditional banner ads. That may lead to more conversions from highly-engaged users. Oh, and you only pay for clicks (it’s got some drawbacks, however. You’ll find them below).

Another benefit worth mentioning: push ads are delivered even when subscribed users don’t browse the Internet or use their devices. They are almost impossible to ignore, which make their visibility ahead of lots of other ad formats. Banner blindness is not an issue in that case.

And the last one from our short list – in push ads there are no adblockers.

Here are some benefits of push ads

Fair Play with Push Notification Ads

Push notification advertising is a great opportunity for a high ROI. It’s possible once you optimize them well, have some luck with the offer, and obey a couple of rules listed below.

Having said that, you’re already aware that creating a push ad campaign is definitely not a no-holds-barred situation. It means – among others – no adult campaigns, no auto-downloads, no malware, no adware, and no trademark violations.

Push notifications ads – just like regular notifications – can easily become intrusive to their recipients. When creating them, marketers should pay attention to user experience and possible reaction of their audience. Furious or irritated users will never visit your landing page or offer, as cyber-bullying is not the best marketing strategy.

Yes, in case of push notifications, affiliates need to play fair if they want to get a prize.

I don’t want you to think that I see the push ads world only through rose-colored glasses. So, here are some of the weak points of notification-based advertising you should be aware of.

  • Push ads are unavailable on iOS
  • Direct linking doesn’t work well with push, you should have a landing page for your offer
  • You pay for clicks, but high CTR doesn’t always lead to a high conversion rate
  • Due to their profitable reputation, competition in push ads is getting bigger, you need to spend more to win a bid

When Push Notification Ads Work Best?

Every push advertisement consists of three important elements: an image, a title, and a description, also called a message. Each of them is customizable.

  • Image – needs to be simple and catchy at the same time
  • Title – needs to be short and concise
  • Description – needs to be creative and effective

breakdown of a push ad

Optimizing a well-performing push requires time, good ideas, and plenty of copy and creatives testing. Come up with a strategy and stick to it. Remember about “power words” (like bargain or sale) and don’t be afraid to use emojis. They can easily make a difference with their eye-catching character.

chart of emojis increasing roi

Want to learn more?

Check Out How to Write Good Push Ads Copy

Correctly prepared push ads campaign can be perfectly matched with a wide selection of verticals, such as e-commerce, travel, news & entertainment, finance, health & beauty, mobile apps, games, job search, insurance, video streaming and many more.

Push Ad Networks – How to Choose the Best One?

There are at least a couple of ad networks on the market offering push traffic. While looking for the optimal one for your business, pay attention to the quantity and quality of traffic they offer. Automatic and manual filtration of bot traffic is a must these days. Make sure the ad network you select provides you with such a feature.

Another useful functionality, you should look for, lets you add multiple creatives to your offer, distributing the traffic evenly among as many as ten of your push ad variants. Finally, ad networks offer different push ads templates (number of characters in descriptions, creative formats, emoji libraries, etc.).

Choose an ad network that will give you an opportunity to scale-up your efforts, provide you with high-quality traffic and meet your expectations in terms of optimization and security features.  

Pricing is quite similar in each of ad networks, starting from $ 0.005 per click.

Try Push Notification Advertising

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is quite a challenge. Analytic thinking, multi-tasking and even having a crystal ball is a must these days in such a competitive and fast-changing environment.

Push notification advertising with its proven benefits provides all you need to make those efforts a little bit easier.

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