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How to make money with Click2Call/IVR campaigns?

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A clever affiliate marketer never stops looking for more earning opportunities. And with high market saturation, any innovative approach sells like hotcakes. This is exactly why the Click2Call offers have been gaining more popularity. And it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon yet!

If you want to learn how to make money with Click2Call/IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers, the best way to go about it is to learn from mobile advertising experts. We’ve partnered up with Traffic Company to bring you optimal insights for running Click2Call/IVR campaigns with Zeropark traffic.

Let’s get down to business and make money with Click2Call/IVR campaigns!

What are IVR/Click2Call offers?

As the name suggests, Click2Call pays you for generating phone calls. The longer the user stays on the phone, the higher the payout. And actually, one of Zeropark’s partners offers such solutions.

At the Traffic Company affiliate network, they work with in-house IVR/Click2Call offers which are simply speaking sweepstakes with 1-click flow. The visitor is able to win something like an iPhone or Samsung, for example. In order to win the prize, the visitor has to make a call. When the visitor clicks on the Click2Call button, the call will start automatically and the sale is generated. This is often done on a rev-share basis, which is also the case with Traffic Company. In addition, a very simple flow is used, namely 1-click on 3G traffic and 2-click on WIFI traffic.

The verticals that are most common with Click2Call are:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Horoscopes

How to promote IVR/Click2Call offers?

There are a couple of basic steps you need to take before launching the campaign. If you’ve already tried your luck with affiliate marketing, you should know this is a standard procedure. Affiliate marketers who aim for success should never start campaigns without proper research.

But this is also where you get lucky. Thanks to our friends from Traffic Company, you’ll find all the information, tips, and tricks right here in this article. While the usual steps for researching an offer would be to:

  • Spy on the competition using spy tools,
  • Check affiliate marketing communities for the latest news and trends,
  • Ask your affiliate manager or a support team member for personalized recommendations,
  • Pick the optimal setup (GEO + offer + ad format);

…you don’t have to stress about any of it. You’ll find all the information you need in this article. Let’s start with the targeting options.

Best GEOs

Traffic Company is mostly active in tier 2 & 3 geos with their In-house Click2Call. Some of their top-performing geos are as follows:

Sri Lanka
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Papua New Guinea
United Arab Emirates
Sierra Leone
South Africa

If you want to know more about the performance per geo/operator on a real-time basis, we recommend checking out their IVR Performance API where they update the ECPM every 15 minutes!

Best ad formats (suggestions from TC + Zeropark data)

If you’re here, it means you’re already on the right track to picking a suitable traffic source. And as for the rest of the targeting options, Traffic Company experts have some useful pointers:

Tess (Account Manager at Traffic Company): Push traffic, pop, and social traffic all do the trick as long as it’s no bot. However, in the last couple of months, we have noticed that more and more people are getting acquainted with IVR/Click2Call campaigns, and with that, in finding ways to convert. For example, we now also have sources running very well on SMS traffic, but also In-App has entered the market with great numbers in terms of money.

In the Zeropark advertising platform, you can find pop, push, in-page push, and domain redirect traffic. All formats can work well with IVR offers, however, it’s always best to check with your account manager or the support team. Traffic fluctuates and changes, so what’s working today might have been a completely unprofitable source a month ago.

Make sure your information is up to date and always share the details. Seeing your campaign or offer specifications makes it much easier for the Zeropark traffic experts to provide you with accurate whitelists and GEO targeting suggestions. If you need somewhere to start, here are Zeropark’s top sources for pop, push and domain redirect traffic:

Source Traffic Type Weekly Volume Average Bid
smaragdine-swine Pop Up 39,470,121 $0.0003
brunneous-polecat Pop Up 25,640,130 $0.0004
albugineous-heron Pop Up 25,248,980 $0.0008
wallflower-hamster Pop Up 22,213,037 $0.0002
tan-sparrow Pop Up 15,245,352 $0.0003
solferino-possum Pop Up 10,116,236 $0.0015
purpure-partridge Pop Up 8,896,838 $0.0008
pyrrhous-marten Pop Up 7,921,140 $0.0015
smalt-tiger Pop Up 6,261,388 $0.0019
vitellary-badger Pop Up 6,150,396 $0.0002
melichrous-badger Pop Up 6,109,485 $0.0012
terracotta-hippopotamuses Pop Up 5,836,150 $0.0016
beige-alligator Pop Up 5,055,432 $0.0012
vitellary-lion Pop Up 4,923,407 $0.0009
melanic-plover Pop Up 2,998,131 $0.0007
Source Traffic Type Weekly Volume Average Bid
goldenrod-pig Push 2,823,503 $0.0102
whey-peacock Push 640,241 $0.0076
mauve-herring Push 558,246 $0.0113
vinaceous-reindeer Push 539,620 $0.0112
turquoise-crab Push 525,974 $0.0136
smaragdine-partridge Push 510,804 $0.0159
aubergine-guinea Push 426,556 $0.0113
corbeau-locust Push 400,313 $0.0096
teal-caribou Push 392,307 $0.0112
viridian-goldfish Push 389,857 $0.0098
vinous-snail Push 370,781 $0.0095
vinaceous-guinea Push 355,931 $0.0068
aubergine-polar Push 353,484 $0.0096
croceate-lion Push 311,177 $0.0137
rubious-whale Push 295,809 $0.0049
Source Traffic Type Weekly Volume Average Bid
badious-buzzard Domain 3,294,593 $0.0250
rubiginous-lemur Domain 2,461,013 $0.0035
fuliginous-snipe Domain 1,596,660 $0.0192
smaragdine-eagle Domain 964,825 $0.0106
lateritious-falcon Domain 941,976 $0.0139
gridelin-bear Domain 749,213 $0.0172
tawny-rhinoceros Domain 594,941 $0.0192
ferruginous-bison Domain 556,116 $0.0027
rubiginous-impala Domain 478,367 $0.0199
porraceous-llama Domain 391,510 $0.0101
virescent-quail Domain 230,192 $0.0080
vitellary-fish Domain 183,577 $0.0114
gamboge-moose Domain 180,441 $0.0141
griseous-trout Domain 145,801 $0.0089
violet-buzzard Domain 114,113 $0.0162

Should you use landing pages to promote IVR offers?

We definitely recommend running these campaigns with a pre-lander. You can choose to run with your own landing pages but you also have the option to choose the pre-landers Traffic Company provides for free.

lander examples

When searching ‘’128305 – Multi GEO – Win Prize (smartlink)’’ on Traffic Company’s offer wall, you will get to choose one of the pre-landers displayed above, or you can continue without. After you’ve made your selection, you will be able to choose the prize you want to promote. When you do not select a prize, the default will be used which is the iPhone 13 Pro.

After you have done all of this, the only thing you have to do is click on the ‘’Create link’’ button in order to generate your tracking link.

generate tracking link

Where to find IVR/Click-to-Call offers?

Due to the freshly gained popularity, IVR offers can be found in some of the biggest and most established networks. iMonetizeIt, MyLead, or Mobidea all have IVR offers worth trying. But there is one network that stands out – Traffic Company. They have a sizable inventory of in-house Click2Call and mobile content offers and for that niche, they are the industry experts in IVR/Click-to-Call. 

How to get top performing Traffic Company’s IVR/Click2Call offers

As mentioned before, Traffic Company has its own Click to Call Performance API. The Traffic Company Click to Call Performance API allows you to easily access the live performance report of all Click to Call countries and carriers.

In order to access the performance data, you need to copy the following URL:


Then, before you paste it into the search bar you need to go to your Account settings and choose ‘API keys’. Here you can get your API key to replace the “XXXXXXX” part.

Now you will be able to retrieve the Average visit & click-based eCPM for the last 24 hours, as well as the last 15 minutes, and the Average CPA for the last 24 hours which will update every hour.

account instructions

Next to the Click to Call Performance API, the data is also displayed on the Traffic Company dashboard:

opportunities screenshot

But that’s not all, for those who prefer Telegram, there also is a Telegram group where ‘’Top revenue by carrier’’ and ‘’Top eCPM by carrier’’ reports are sent out three times a day. Here’s your invitation. This way, you won’t miss out on anything!

How to optimize IVR/Click2Call campaigns?

IVR and Click2Call don’t need special optimization strategies. In fact, most general tips and optimization guides will work on such campaigns. What you can do to ensure success is to follow these simple tips for Click2call campaign optimization.

  • Test and learn. Yes, doing your research ensures that you’re not going in blind. It also ensures that you’re starting on the right path. But traffic is never a sure thing. It fluctuates, just like good offers come and go. If you want to find a real gem you need to be prepared to spend money on testing and optimization.
  • Gather data. We all want to minimize our losses in any risky business we take up. But affiliate marketing is more of an investment than a get-rich-quick scheme. If you’ve spent $100 only to make back $30 this is nothing to worry about. In fact, conversion data from the money you’ve earned back can be the basis of your future success.
  • While finding a profitable campaign can take some time, don’t get discouraged. Only a few campaigns will become goldmines, but if you invest in quality traffic and tracking platforms, every step can be a valuable learning experience.
  • Cut your losses but don’t cut your chances. There are rules you should follow to make sure your campaigns get a chance to shine despite slow beginnings. Here are some of them:
    • The recommended daily campaign budget for testing is $100.
    • The recommended daily source budget is $25.
    • The recommended test duration period should last 3-4 days.
    • If the ROI is lower than -70% for a source or target there is little potential for it to turn profitable. You should pause it.
    • If the ROI is higher than -70% for a source or target there is still potential for profitability. You should optimize further.
  • You can optimize sources and targets by bidding slightly up or down until your win rate reaches around 70-80%.
  • Optimize your campaigns based on data. First of all, target mobile devices only. And don’t forget the more granular settings – optimizing by carrier is a good way to get right down to the best chunk of traffic.
  • Don’t be afraid to kill a campaign. If you’ve done everything you could and the ROI is still in low negative numbers, it’s time to move on to another campaign.
  • For all traffic types, but especially Push notifications, watch out for creative fatigue. If your CTR goes drastically down, chances are you are either being outbid (check your win rate!) or your creatives burned out.


IVR/Click2Call offers are gaining traction and now is really the best time to join. In a couple of simple steps you, too, can join advertisers who made a profit running mobile ads. First, join Traffic Company and pair an offer with a landing page or creatives readily available on their platform. Then, launch a campaign with Zeropark traffic.

Once you gather enough data, cut the unprofitable chunks of traffic and maximize your profits. And don’t forget – we’re here to help. Reach out to the Zeropark or Traffic Company support teams and get personalized tips.


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