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The Golden Idea for Marketing in the 2019 US Tax Season

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In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and profits from tax-season affiliate campaigns. I’m pretty sure this is what Benjamin Franklin would say had he been a super affiliate. But you don’t have to be a super affiliate to make money at this time of the year. As the 2019 U.S. tax season is in full swing, there’s no better time to hit it big with the finance vertical.

What’s Tax Season?

Tax season is the time window in which the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) accepts tax returns from U.S. citizens. It began on the 28th of January this year, but don’t worry – every year peak season occurs right before the deadline. Tax returns have to be filed by April 15 for most states or by April 17 for Maine and Massachusetts.

As of March 8, only under 68 million tax returns were received by the IRS. Less than half of last year’s result, so certainly, there’s still money to be made in the next few weeks.

An infographic presenting the most important facts about the 2019 US Tax Season in reference to Affiliate Marketing

How Can I Make Money on the 2019 Tax Season?

Unless you’re really into finances and calculations, tax returns can be pretty stressful. An honest mistake can get you in real trouble with the IRS. That’s why there are services that guide you through the process and help you get past the tax season stress-free. They don’t only make tax returns easy, they make them simple as well, often saving lives of those running late with their forms.

No wonder the popularity of those services is through the roof in the first half of April. Want to know the best part? Those services, like TurboTax or H&R Block, offer affiliate programs. And here’s how you’re gonna make money in the coming weeks.

If you don’t want to go with these two, there are other services or software that help U.S. citizens with their tax returns. When browsing your favorite affiliate network, start with the finance vertical. Anything related to taxes is likely to bring you a profit, but other financial offers should also convert better than usual at this time of the year.

Lead generation campaigns and software downloads tend to dominate the tax season from the affiliate marketers point of view.

What Kind of Ads Should I Run This Tax Season?

I’d normally recommend pop ads and domain redirect traffic for your tax-season campaigns. They’re cheap and nearly effortless to run, and you can target them by keywords (more on that later in the article). These two formats also have a proven track record, and with their slowly decreasing popularity (as push is taking over), the quality is going up while CPV rates are beginning to decrease.

However, there’s a new sheriff in town. Called Push Ads and it’s bringing tremendous results, this ad format has quickly won over most affiliate marketing professionals. It’s not as cheap to run as pop or domain traffic, but it gets you higher user engagement leading to more conversions.

This tax season will be another test for the relatively new push notification traffic, and that’s the only question mark regarding Push Ads.

Hence, I’d advise you to try and run all three kinds of traffic. Pop and domain ads are a safe bet and they’re not very demanding. Push, on the other hand, is more of a risk-reward situation, however, despite being unproven for tax-season advertising, its performance over the last six months shows it’s likely to keep it up no matter the circumstances.

If your budget isn’t that big yet, or you simply don’t feel like trying this many traffic types for each offer you run, it’s reasonable to run push traffic for mobile-oriented offers and choose pops/domain for those that favor desktop.

How Do I Target the Right Audience?

Let’s start with the simple stuff. First of all, narrow down your targeting to the USA. On April 16 and 17 go even deeper and focus only on Maine and Massachusetts, as these will be the only states still collecting tax returns.

If you want to target like a pro, go with a Keyword campaign (available only for Pop and Domain traffic). Want to know the right keywords to target in the tax season? Of course you do. Here they go:

Tax finance, turbotax, tax, taxes, IRS, irs.gov, finance, money & finance, online taxes, tax return, income tax attorney, income tax, taxinfo.com

However, even if you decide to go with a Keyword campaign, it’s definitely worth running a broad, run-of-network campaign at the same time. Keeping a broad campaign open at all times lets you identify the hottest sources and placements in the platform at a given moment. Once you do that, you can open a Target or a Source campaign only with the feeds that you like.

Truth be told, the tax season brings you a huge opportunity to make money with finance-related campaigns no matter what ad format and campaign type you choose (as long as you stick to the USA, obviously). And if you have any doubts about your Zeropark campaigns, or simply looking for additional tips, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager – or, if you don’t have one, our support team at support@zeropark.com. We’ll help you maximize your profits.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and bring your A-game these coming weeks. Oh, and don’t forget to do your tax return!