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Profit from the Holiday Season with Push Notification Ads

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If you’re in affiliate marketing, late November and early December are – or at least should be – the busiest period of the year for you. The holiday season preceded by Black Friday and Cyber Monday makes people much more likely to take advantage of e-commerce offers. Combining this fact with an effective form of advertising, like push notification ads, is a proven path to a high ROI.

Whether you missed the opportunity to cash in on Black Friday or not, there is still a lot of money to be made this festive season.

Pick your Offer

The e-commerce vertical is as always booming and expected to nearly double advertisers’ profits compared to previous months. Thanks, Saint Nick.

Now you probably wonder what kind of offers tend to bring the best results around the holiday season and what’s the best way of presenting those offers to your audiences. Let’s start with the former.

One of the hottest e-commerce offers are those related to huge Asian stores that sell goods at bargain prices. I’m pretty confident you know some of those 😉

Another one, and unfortunately I am not authorized to call it by its real name either, is the world’s most known and always-trending online store. I’m sure you know who I mean, and if not, I’ll cry you a river.

What kind of products people may want to buy from affiliate offers before holidays? Mostly electronics, clothes, well pretty much everything you can find on those stores’ websites. There is, however, one kind of a service that’s extremely popular during the festive season, and may not come to your mind at first.

It’s travel. People need to get home for the holidays and want to take advantage of the discounted offers they’re presented by airlines, online travel agencies or hotels. They also purchase those as gifts for their friends and relatives.

When it comes to choosing an ad format for your campaigns, I can’t stress enough how great push notification traffic is doing with e-commerce.

Push Ads have brought Zeropark’s customers well-above-average conversion rates and profits around Black Friday. If you’re not familiar with this type of ads, let me give you a quick rundown.

Long story short, Push Ads are the advertising messages in the form of a web push notification delivered on the desktop or an Android mobile device. You know how it goes, when a push is delivered, you get a notification sound and it appears right on your screen, no matter if and how you’re using your device.

Here lays the first key to push notification ads’ effectiveness. Users pay instant attention to them, as they are notified about the incoming message. Getting eyeballs on your ads has never been this easy.

The second reason for their brilliance is the users’ motivation to convert. For a user to receive Push Ads, they first have to allow push notifications on a publisher’s website.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about this part as this is taken care of by publishers and you only deal with those who expressed their consent to receive notifications.

Since your audience has already expressed an interest in the offers sent out to them by publishers, they are much more likely to interact with the ads they receive and hence, bump your conversion rate.

Other than mobile downloads, e-commerce is among the best-converting verticals with Push Ads, due to their nature of leading to pages that are very sales-focused.

Moreover, Push Ads in Zeropark enable you to A/B test your creatives by distributing the traffic among up to 5 ad variants. This makes for a handy tool in the optimization process and finding out the golden mean of attracting customers to an offer.

Craft the Perfect Creative

Creatives are the key ingredient of Push Ads. With the almost guaranteed attention, your ad is getting, your success rate comes down to the copy and image. As crafting the right Push Ads is so crucial, you can try different variants and distribute traffic to as many as five of them, to see which one works best.

When attempting to create a well-performing Push, you need to keep in mind a few things.

The image should be clear and relevant to your offer.

The title should be short and concise.

The description should clearly describe the benefit of the offer and state the CTA.

Use emojis in the title and/or description.

Finally, use “power words” – such as sale, bargain or limited.

You can find the “power words” chart, as well as the list of best-converting emojis and other best practices for crafting effective Push Ads in this article right here.

Before I let you go, here are some examples of Push Ads creatives that may bring you outstanding results come holiday season.

Let’s begin with an offer related to fashion. (Hover over an image to zoom in).

Examples of creatives for Push Ads campaigns regarding fashion

Now, see what could be done if you were to promote offers from electronics e-commerce.

Examples of Push Ads creatives for the holiday season

Finally, don’t forget that travel shopping has a huge part in e-commerce offers’ popularity during the festive season.

Push Ads Examples for travel in the holiday season

Make sure you gift yourself a high profit these holidays.