Pull vs Push Marketing: Why You Should Opt for Push Marketing to Boost Business Success

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When it comes to marketing an online brand, there are two most popular approaches in the industry: to either contact the customer directly and inform them about a product, or to create enticing content to bring the customer to the brand’s offer. 

Both are great strategies to use, but there are key differences that determine which one is more appropriate than the other. Read on to find out what push and pull marketing are and why push should be preferred when looking to quickly boost your business.

What is Push Marketing? 

Push marketing is a marketing strategy by which you, as a brand or advertiser, can approach an audience and directly showcase your product. As the name suggests, push marketing can be a quite direct form of lead generation.

And although some may see it only as a form of personally presenting the product or service, this is applicable to online marketing strategies, too. Affiliates can choose how to directly display an ad to the targeted audience on trusted sources.

Thanks to its active nature, push marketing meets target audiences where they are in a multitude of different channels. Online push marketing allows marketers to create sales funnels that would be most UX-optimized, from shorter to more extended ones.

Shorter sales funnels are a great way of capitalizing on the current online consumer behaviors, allowing a rapid transition from awareness through interest, and decision, to action. Websites that utilize push marketing should have a compliant website conversion funnel to ensure maximum convenience for the users.


Programmatic advertising campaigns allow affiliates to create better-optimized conversion funnels

Targeting allows advertisers to boost their campaigns

Online advertising allows affiliates to utilize precise tools to adjust the targeting of their campaigns, which is something impossible for any other type of push marketing. Analysis of data allows marketers to narrow down their activities to only the best-converting audience.

With Zeropark it is possible to target audiences based on their location (GEOtargeting), intent (with contextual targets choices), keywords, devices they are using, and many other options. Optimizing a campaign becomes a great way of reaching the purchase-driven user base, maximizing the ad spend effectiveness.

Examples of Push Marketing

The door-to-door salesmen are definitely representatives of the push marketing industry, but they are most definitely not nearly as efficient as programmatic online marketing endeavors. Shifting towards more efficient and online-based solutions is a sign of the times, and in recent years push marketing has developed some completely new forms of reaching the audience:

  • SERP paid results(PPC)The most common form of online push marketing. SERP ads have taken over worldwide sales and brand promotion. Clutch.co study shows that 33% of people are more likely to click on an ad if they feel that it directly answers their search query. Although Google is the most popular, as it has the largest user volumes, there are a large number of PPC affiliate programs out there beyond it. Find out more about them in Zeropark’s article on The Best PPC Affiliate Programs.
  • Social Media CampaignsWith an estimated 3.9 billion users in 2022, it’s not hard to see why ad campaigns are so valuable on social media platforms. Social media platforms are also a great way of promoting a brand to a targeted audience, although those serve best as a way of raising brand awareness more than actually bringing in the conversions.
  • Targeted Mail/E-mail CampaignsSome brands decide to target their audience by sending them custom e-mail ads. But just like with traditional in-person advertising, this could be too random to bring optimal results, as targeting options are very limited.
  • Display Adsanother example of how efficiently programmatic advertising could be utilized to maximize the performance of a campaign. It’s a way of appealing to the audience with a more graphic and creative approach, while still targeting it with the highest precision. Display ads can take the form of banner ads within a visited website, as well as full-screen new tabs or websites. These full-screen campaigns are called Pop in Zeropark, and their cost model is based on views – thus CPV (Cost-Per-View).

SERP paid results are one of the most effective programmatic advertising strategies

What is Pull Marketing?

Rather than going out of your way to put your product or service in the lap of a potential customer, pull marketing relies on content creation to organically bring the customer to you. This is a much more passive marketing strategy and typically has a slower, but longer-lasting, effect. 

Examples of Pull Marketing

Pull marketing has a tendency to be a little less varied than push marketing. Below are a few examples of pull marketing that you’ll no doubt be familiar with. 

  • BloggingAs mentioned before, much of pull marketing revolves around producing a content form that will bring customers in through their own interests.
  • Media ProductionAlongside written content, video, and audio content are also a viable way to drive awareness of, and traffic to, a brand’s website. YouTube, vlogging, TikToks, and podcasts are all types of pull marketing.
  • Reviews and ratingsThanks to the world of e-commerce, anything we want to buy or subscribe to typically has between one and five gold stars next to it. Encourage your clients to leave a customer review of your product. Ask those who have downloaded your software to consider giving it an app store rating.

Ways Push Marketing Boosts Business Success

There are many ways that push marketing can trump pull marketing in terms of quickly gaining an edge and boosting sales and conversions.

Boost Your Brand/Product Awareness 

Push marketing techniques are perfect for campaigns that are focused on gaining awareness of a brand. Push, Pop, and Domain marketing techniques can drive customers in on your landing pages, not only showcasing a brand and its services but also leading potential customers through the sales funnel.

This is something that is really hard to achieve with other forms of push marketing. Smart Insights research from 2019 suggests that as much as 70% of social media campaigns are conducted with the goal of increasing brand awareness. The same study showcases that slightly less – 59% of SM campaigns – have a goal of lead generation and actual sales.

Another fantastic way to quickly gain brand/service awareness is to work with established sales platforms such as Amazon or eBay. By linking your ads to your Amazon store you associate your brand and product with a universally recognized and trusted selling platform. Consider working with an eBay or Amazon fulfillment center to ensure your shipping times are low. 

Social Media marketing is mostly oriented on increasing brand awareness

Boost Your Short Term Sales 

Sales, or other conversion types, are the most important metric for the success of an online campaign. If your brand isn’t selling, then it isn’t making money, and it isn’t going to last. Push marketing is a great way to boost sales in the short term. 

Answer user’s needs right away

Modern Internet users enjoy receiving answers as soon as possible. So if they are given an answer to their consumer needs, they are more likely to engage with the said ad. This is why proper targeting of your audience with programmatic ad solutions brings great results. This creates an environment where customers are grateful for the suggestions and do not feel annoyed with imprecise advertising.

Strengthen Your Position Against Competitors 

By creating a well-optimized and traffic-winning campaign, a brand is able to jostle with big competitors for the attention of potential leads. Finding a way how to properly target the audience allows brands and affiliates to focus only on the best-converting section of the market instead of blindly fighting for every user.

Showcasing the quality of the brand’s service and quality will also be a beneficial practice. While customer support options might seem to be a strictly ‘pull’ marketing form, they actually work incredibly well alongside a campaign to strengthen against competitors. Once customers become aware of your brand as an alternative and try you out, provide them with proactive support services and excellent customer service in general.

Things to be Wary of With Push Marketing

While push marketing can obviously be a fantastic way to drive sales, gain awareness, and put yourself into a stronger position compared to competitors, there are important things to take note of. 

Higher, But More Effective Costs

Push marketing formats are direct and more successful, as they allow finding only the best fit matches. But they are not so cheap to employ, especially in most competitive verticals, where the competition is fierce. Pay-Per-Click costs can vary depending on how popular the targeted audience is.

It’s important to find ways to be economical in order to finance push marketing. A great way is to use a VoIP number instead of traditional phone plans. What’s a VoIP number? In essence, a phone line that’s established over the internet as opposed to using a landline or cell service.

VoIP plans are often much more cost-effective, which allows for a healthier marketing budget. Their use is complemented by using a remote work operating system to fit your needs.

Long Term Suitability 

Push marketing is a great short-term way of boosting sales and brand awareness; there is no question about that. Is it something that’s going to be viable for long periods of time? For most brands, probably not.

Push Your Way to Success

Successful push marketing endeavors will increase the brand’s sales. For affiliates, it can become a perfect way to boost ROI, too. Properly optimized campaigns are a modern and safe way of reaching the best audience. This can not be done without long hours of optimizing, learning the market, and doing whatever it takes to outdo the competitors.

See how Push advertising in Zeropark can become a great addition to your marketing portfolio.

Content provided by Dialpad 

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