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How to make money with Antivirus & VPN ads during 2022 sports events!

1081 754 Alistair Bishop

All sorts of live events are making their way back into the realm of possibility. But in this article, we’ll be focusing on sports events rather than live music or comedy entertainment. This is because…

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Campaigns During Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

1081 754 Alistair Bishop

We’ve all been waiting the last 4 years for this… and now is the time for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to finally begin!  The year of sport is truly underway because 2022 is going…

How to run affiliate marketing antivirus campaigns with push traffic?

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

There is no particular season for running antivirus campaigns. While sports betting sees a massive spike during the major sporting events (like UEFA), and e-commerce gets crazier than usual during Q4, the antivirus vertical sees…

Antivirus & VPNs — Hot Vertical For Coronavirus Times!

1079 752 Kinga Gawron

Crisis breeds opportunity… Antivirus & VPN vertical breeds profit. How convenient is that? Regardless of the controversies regarding such an approach, the global economy does not sleep. That’s why, if there’s a chance on the…