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Ultimate Guide to Key Shopping Events in Q4 2021 — An Affiliate Marketer’s Calendar!

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You’re probably aware that digital advertising is the go-to solution for all kinds of businesses in 2021. You also must’ve heard that e-commerce profits are expected to go over the roof this year. That’s why,…

99 Marketing Ideas For Black Friday 2020

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The holiday shopping season is already on. Triggered by the Amazon Prime Day launch on October 13th, and some of the biggest retailers announcing there’s no point waiting until November 27th, many have already launched…

Amazon Prime Day & Affiliate Marketing: how to make the most of it in Q4 2020?

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This year’s shopping season comes early, there’s no doubt about that. With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, COVID-19 turbulences, and the majority of the world’s population moving their holiday shopping online, this Golden…