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How to use domain redirect traffic for eCommerce advertising

1080 753 Kinga Gawron

The e-commerce industry and domain redirect advertising have one very important thing in common — they give people what they desire. And they do it fast. That’s why, while e-commerce marketing is all about tapping…

Waterfall vs. Header Bidding For Web & In-App Advertising

1079 752 Kinga Gawron

Who doesn’t love the buzzing world of the ad-tech industry? It revolutionized online retail as we know it today, and gave way to billion-dollar profits for all parties involved — publishers, advertisers, and affiliates alike!…

What Is Real-Time Bidding (RTB), and Why Does It Matter?

1080 753 Bartosz Bielecki

Discovered in 2009, RTB, short for Real-Time Bidding, has turned the performance marketing industry around. Not only has it helped reduce the costs of digital marketing ad campaigns, but also drastically changed the approach to…