Every single campaign in Zeropark is going through the approval process. In case of a campaign rejection, you will get an email describing the problem and ways to solve it, if any.

Campaigns in Zeropark can be rejected for a number of reasons and note that the campaigns that breach advertiser guidelines will receive strikes.

Zeropark Note: If you are awarded 3 strikes, your account will be banned pending review by an Account Manager. Any money spent on such accounts will not be refunded.



Campaign rejections that will not receive strikes:

    • The destination URL does not contain our tracking tokens. → This can be rectified here: Tracking
    • Not being able to see your landing page. → Send a screenshot along with the campaign name to Customer Success Team
    • Your account not yet been approved/suspended. → Follow the instructions in your account.


Campaign rejections that will receive strikes:

    • Trying to run adult campaigns on non-adult traffic
    • Cloaking pages, including rotating banned/adult landers
    • Running Auto downloads without user consent
    • Running pages with no exit i.e. text boxes that are too large to close
    • Hardcore trademark violations
    • Spreading of any malware/malicious content
    • Forbidden content (child pornography, hate sites, trade in illegal goods and substanses, other illegal activities)
    • Using of sound clips with inappropriate volume
    • Having browser lockers, cryptominers and other scripts interrupting user experience
Zeropark Note: Tech support offers will lead to the instant ban on the account!

Zeropark is not obligated to provide specific reasons for campaign rejections and reserves the right to monitor campaigns at their complete discretion and can reject/terminate running campaigns determined malicious/harmful at any time. All of the aforementioned rejections are final and are not subject for discussion.