In efforts to process campaigns faster, allow better user experience, and provide quicker access to reporting in the Zeropark platform, all Zeropark campaigns and Push creatives are subdivided into the several categories in accordance with their activity status.

   Campaign Status    Description
   Pending    When the campaign is settled up, it needs to be reviewed by Zeropark team. The campaigns under review have the Pending status.
   Draft    If you have any problems with the campaign’s setup, the campaign status will be set to Draft which serves as a signal for you to review your settings and update them. For example, the target campaign with no targets added will receive such a status.
The campaigns with the Active status are the ones receiving traffic and spending your money even if the offer itself is expired, so don’t forget to pause or delete the campaigns you are not using at the moment. The campaigns will receive the coordinate status after the action is performed. You can restore the deleted campaigns within the next 24 hours.
RejectedIf your campaign can’t pass our security checks, the status will be Rejected. It still can be reviewed and reapproved, but only on your request and after the new checks are made. You can read more about the reasons for rejections and the ways of restoring the campaigns in the Campaign Rejection article.
Out of budgetThe campaign is Out of budget, if you are out of money on the account or if it reached the budget cappings (daily or total) you settled down for them.
Day partingThe status indicates that your campaign is automatically paused in accordance with your settings.
ArchivedAll campaigns that meet any of the three criteria below will be archived. The Archived status means all custom optimizations on targets, keywords, countries, and sources will be removed. You will still be able to access reports on the archived campaigns.

Any campaign will be archived, if:
  • Has the Deleted status for at least 24 hours.
  • Has the Paused or Rejected status and was created at least 3 months ago and hasn’t spent in the last 3 months.
  • Has the Active status and was created at least 6 months ago and hasn’t spent in the last 6 months.
Zeropark Note: Archived campaigns cannot be reactivated.

Push Ads Creatives’ Statuses

   Push Status    Description
   Pending    When you upload a creative or a set of creatives, they need to be reviewed by Zeropark’s team. The creatives under review have the Pending status.
The approved creatives will have the Active status and will buy traffic. You can set the status of any of them to Paused any time or delete them completely.
RejectedIf your push creative doesn’t meet our regulations (read Push Ads Campaign Guidelines) it will get rejected. It doesn’t affect the status of your remaining creatives, however. The approved ones will be buying traffic. Edit the rejected one so it’s compliant with our rules to get it approved and Active.