Volume/Keywords Tool helps you to manage your campaigns more effectively. First of all, it says how much traffic we have, even within a specific set of constraints such as a source, operating system, adult / mainstream, or traffic type. Moreover, it sheds some light on the keyword references.

The Volume / Keywords Tool is available on the Zeropark webiste.

Volume Tool
One of the best practices is checking how much traffic the traffic source has in the particular geo or for a given set of settings. Why? Because the question of the appropriate bid is also one of the burning ones: how much money will the visit cost for me? You can check it all with the Volume Tool. Moreover, you need to know that the numbers are updated daily what keeps you always up-to-date.
The main number informs you about monthly redirects (or clicks for Push Ads) available in Zeropark. Below, you can find a more detailed report specified by country. The data can be broken down into type of traffic, source, OS, and adult / mainstream. You can also gain access to the number of monthly redirects per country and the average price paid by advertisers for one visit.

volume tool in zeropark

NEW: You can also check the volumes of mobile traffic per each carrier. Select “Mobile” from the “Device” dropdown, and then click on a given country to see the carrier traffic.

Keyword Tool
When setting up a new campaign, it is always useful to reference the keyword. The Keyword Tool tool shows you the average bids and traffic volume per geo or keyword. Furthermore, you can drill down the data within the desktop / mobile traffic, source, operating system, adult / mainstream, and country option. The Keyword Tool is updated on a daily basis.

  • Keyword: The top row always shows data for the exact keyword you typed in; however, the tool can be also used to search for specific keywords; the keywords beneath will be included in your traffic when you set the keyword to “broad”.
  • Volume: The column shows the amount of traffic available for sale in the past 30 days.
  • AVG: The column shows the average bid of our advertisers for traffic from a given country and with a given keyword in the past 30 days.