City and region targeting is available for all Zeropark campaigns except for multi-geo campaigns.


Setting up Geo-targeting

To set up city and region targeting you simply need to specify it while creating a campaign:

  1. Go to New campaign > Traffic Type > Campaign type
  2. Once you have selected the campaign type, jump to the options for Geo-targeting containing Regions and Cities in the campaign’s editing screen.
  3. Select one of the geo-options:

    Zeropark Note: Keep in mind that once you have selected the region or city, the campaign cannot be reverted to country targeting.

    • Cities
    • Regions


Optimizing by Geo-location
The new tabs that have appeared in the Dashboard allow you to optimize by city and region.

In the Regions tab there are all the regions you are targeting broken down by available impressions, views brought, spend, conversions, and payout. You can choose to pause or resume the regions or look at the cites in that region where you are sending traffic, by clicking the blue Cities button in the Actions column. You cannot pause the cities from selected regions.

For example, if you have selected the region for your campaign, you will see a view as follows:


To optimize on the city level, you can pause or resume separate cities. You will be able to see the region, available impressions, views brought, spend, conversions, and payout.

If you have decided to go for more pinpointed city targeting, you will see the following tab: