Powered by machine learning, Pre-Selected Traffic is Zeropark’s brand-new inventory type. It will propel your campaigns with traffic from the globally best-performing targets based on data from the last seven days, resulting in ever-increasing efficiency in your advertising efforts.

By selecting the Pre-Selected traffic segment, you’re basically subscribing your campaigns to a constant flow of traffic from targets characterized by high conversion rates over the last seven days. We update the list of those proven targets every 12 hours.

Zeropark Note: GEOs / Countries may differ in terms of traffic volume depending on the performance of certain locations.

The new traffic segment is available in the Inventory type section when starting new or editing existing RON, MultiGEO, and Keyword Campaigns.

Our machine learning algorithm selects the top performing targets from all Zeropark’s sources. Pre-Selected Traffic consists of targets with an above-average number of conversions in the last seven days and the top 100 targets (based on sold traffic) from Premium Traffic feeds. The targets’ performance is proven globally, which means that you still have to optimize Pre-Selected Traffic to the offer you’re promoting.

The list of targets is refreshed every 12 hours. This means that whenever a target’s efficiency wanes, it gets dropped from the list, and your campaigns will no longer receive traffic from it. If you wish to keep it despite its decreased efficiency, you can always run a Target Campaign based on this specific traffic provider.

Zeropark Tip: Combine Pre-Selected Traffic with Rule-Based Optimization. Setting if / then rules that reflect your needs will optimize your campaigns so you can get the most out of Pre-Selected Traffic and upscale to ride the wave of a high ROI.