Source/Target Daily Budget allows you to set a maximum daily spend cap on each Source/Target your campaign receives traffic from. Setting this up means that your campaigns will be able to run without the need for constant monitoring,  or the worry about sources or targets spending too much.

The Source/Target Daily Budget feature works best for high volume RON campaigns, where you need quick optimization. You can also use it to prevent any anomalies affecting your campaign, such as spikes in traffic volume.

To turn the Source Daily Budget feature on, just follow these simple steps:

Zeropark Info: The minimum daily source budget cap is $20 and the minimum daily target budget cap is $1


    1. Go to the the campaign view and go to the Sources/Target daily budget section.
    2. Select the Custom option.
    3. Enter the source budget into the field. It’s just under your campaign bid and can be adjusted at any time.

Once a source in the campaign spends up to this cap, it will stop spending entering a state called Source/Target over budget. This allows you to review the source and decide whether it should be paused or not. If you don’t take any action, the source will start to spend again the next day.

Zeropark Tip: When noticed that one or a few sources/targets are profitable enough that you want to spend more than the limit you set, you can select the Disable daily budget option next to the pause button for a given source/target. This allows you to carry on spending for that source/target, even though the daily budget cap has been reached.