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What Are Pop Under Ads

Pop-unders are the new browser windows appearing in the background of currently browsed websites. They’re triggered automatically and display the landing page you want to advertise.

What Are the Advantages of Popunder Advertising?

Pop under ads are a great way to get more eyes on your product or service.


From just $0.0001 per view, depending on the geo you advertise in.


Small budgets bring large volumes of traffic, making it easy to test your offer or landing page.


Setup on Zeropark only takes a minute to complete, so you can instantly start earning.


Users typically see your ad once they close their current tab, so you get all the attention.

What Are the Best Verticals for Popunder Traffic?

Zeropark delivers traffic that works well for all popular niches and geos. However, if you’re looking to maximize the potential of pop under ad format, try one of the verticals below:

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Get the Most From Your Popunder Network

On the market since 2012, Zeropark is an established performance ad exchange with tons of advantages over competition:

Largest Inventory

With over 100 billion pop up impressions monthly, Zeropark brings you access to the largest worldwide inventory in the industry.

Quick Setup

Set up and manage your popunder campaigns effortlessly thanks to Zeropark’s refreshed and highly praised UI.

Robust Targeting

Hand pick your audience by narrowing the targeting setting to geo (country, region, city), device, OS version or even carrier.

Fast Campaign Approval

Our team approves your campaigns almost instantly, so you can maximize the potential of your offering.

Bot-Free Traffic

We employ manual and automated checks of the traffic we’re selling you, to ensure the highest quality of the inventory.

Multiple Campaign Types

Buy all traffic from a given geo (or multiple geos) with Run-of-Network campaigns or go with SubID or keyword-targeted campaigns.

Bespoke Account Management

The professionals from our Account Management team are there to help you scale your campaigns to the maximum.

Quality Customer Support

From a dedicated onboarding, through problem solving, to daily support, with our Customer Success team you’re in good hands.

How Much Do Popunders Cost?

The rates start from $0.0001 per view and depend on your targeting options, like the country you want to run your campaigns in. Calculate the cost of your campaign for yourself using the tool below:

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