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Zeropark is a programmatic supply-side platform (SSP) that matches your search traffic with over 10,000 demand partners including brands like NikeSamsung or Wayfair

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Off-the-shelf solutions

Our standard solutions can be applied through programmatic integration and adjusted to your needs. Supported integration types include: XML, Json, OpenRTB and JavaScript.

Try out a live demo of Search Autocomplete and see the code example to learn how easy to implement our script is.

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Custom solutions

Looking for a tailor-made solution to monetize your supply? Take advantage of Zeropark’s superior in-house technology combined with over 10 years of expertise in Ad Tech.

Every business is different. Book a conversation with our supply monetization expert and discover the solutions we can craft for you.

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We typically work with

  • Search extension / app owners
  • Buy Now Pay Later sites
  • Content sites that feature brands
  • Mobile apps with search functionality
  • Browsers
  • Search engines
Norton by Symantec
Yahoo Mail

Quality demand partners

Zeropark is trusted by over 10,000 brands worldwide, which guarantees a steady demand at a cost-per-click reaching up to $6 USD.

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