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Affiliate Marketing during the Holiday Season: AMA with iAmAttila & Ian Fernando

December is the hottest month of the year for affiliate marketers. But how exactly should you monetize the holiday season?

To find out, join our Ask-Me-Anything session featuring two affiliate marketing superstars: Attila O’Dree (a.k.a. iAmAttila) and Ian Fernando. The experts will discuss their favorite tactics around this time of the year and answer all your questions live!

Here’s what to expect from the 60-minute session:

  • The DOs and DON’Ts of navigating through affiliate networks and ad platforms.
  • Expert tips on boosting your affiliate profits during the holiday season.
  • Answers to your most burning questions.

About our experts

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Attila O’Dree (a.k.a. iAmAttila)

Super Affiliate, Blogger, Author

If you’re looking for a true, no bs, affiliate marketing guru, Attila is your man. Living online since 2007, he’s made millions off running ads. Recently, Attila published his first book that has already achieved the Amazon Best Seller status in its category.

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Ian Fernando

Super Affiliate, Blogger, Entrepreneur

A digital nomad who generated an 8 figure revenue within two years of running nutra and skin product ads. Ian is a true eCommerce expert and an affiliate marketing superstar. Those who saw him speak at affiliate conferences know you’re in for a treat!

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Bartosz Bielecki

Head of Marketing at Zeropark

Since joining the company back in 2017, Bart has been responsible for curating the Zeropark brand and the content that helps affiliate marketers grow. On December 3rd, he will be the bridge between you and our experts.

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