45 min

Onboarding webinar

First steps with Zeropark

Looking to start your adventure with paid traffic? You’ve come to the right place.

Watch the Zeropark onboarding webinar and learn how to set up your first campaign. Adam, our Onboarding Manager will give you a detailed tour of the platform and put you on the path to your first affiliate marketing profits. The webinar will conclude with a 20-minute Q&A session.

From the 45-minute free walk-through session you will find out:

  • A variety of ad formats available in Zeropark.
  • How to get your ads online and become a proficient media buyer in no time.
  • Minimize the prep-time while maximize your gains with the support of a dedicated team.

About Your Host

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Adam Chojnacki

Onboarding Manager at Zeropark

Constantly working on introducing affiliate marketers to the Zeropark platform and its killer-features, Adam became a true expert in helping beginner advertisers turn into super affiliates in just a matter of weeks!

Let's get you onboard

Zeropark is more than quality traffic. It’s a team of professionals. With help from our Support, Account Management and Campaign Approval teams, your success in Performance Marketing is right around the corner.

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