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How to get a higher ROI by optimizing your campaign’s performance?

Tried running affiliate marketing campaigns but the results left a lot to be desired?

Sign up for Zeropark’s newest, medium-level webinar and learn how to optimize your campaigns in a few simple steps. Our Customer Success Managers, Adam and Karolina, will share the techniques used by professional affiliates to help you achieve better performance of your ads. The webinar will conclude with a 20-minute Q&A session.

From the 45-minute free webinar you will find out:

  • Top metrics to monitor when running your campaigns.
  • How to manage your budgets and bidding strategy during the optimization process.
  • Industry tips & tricks for optimizing your campaigns to profitability!

About Your Hosts

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Adam Chojnacki

Onboarding Manager at Zeropark

Constantly working on introducing affiliate marketers to the Zeropark platform and its killer-features, Adam became a true expert in helping beginner advertisers turn into super affiliates in just a matter of weeks!

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Karolina Balacha

Customer Success Manager

Karolina delivers extensive support to Zeropark clients while ensuring they’re able to make the most of their affiliate advertising business. Whenever Zeropark clients need help, Karolina is the go-to person!

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