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Save Your Campaigns From Failing this BFCM shopping madness!

BFCM weekend and the Holiday Shopping Madness are always a hot topic in affiliate marketing.

If you don’t prepare your campaigns in advance, you might be missing out on due profits. Unless you watch our webinar!

Regardless of whether you’re usually setting up your BFCM campaigns in advance, or you tend to leave it until the last moment frantically looking for ideas, the most difficult part comes last.

It’s campaign optimization during affiliate marketing’s craziest season.

Watch webinar & learn how to implement laser-focused optimization for your campaigns during the busiest season of the year! 

From the free 60-minute session you will find out:

  • How to plan a foolproof campaign strategy in Q4 2021.
  • Top metrics to monitor & things to watch out for right now.
  • How to use your budget wisely during the craziest season of the year.
  • How to implement laser-focused optimization for your shopping season campaigns.
  • How to maximize your profits this BFCM season & beyond!

About Your Hosts

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Adam Chojnacki

Onboarding Manager at Zeropark

Constantly working on introducing affiliate marketers to the Zeropark platform and its killer-features, Adam became a true expert in helping beginner advertisers turn into super affiliates in just a matter of weeks!

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Aleksander Jankowski

Key Account Manager at Zeropark

Taking care of high-level clients in Zeropark, Aleksander has quickly become a go-to affiliate marketing expert who makes sure no traffic opportunity is missed by his clients. Now he’s ready to help you maximize your BFCM profits!

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