Don’t know where to get started with our new campaigns? Here is how to make sure our automated campaigns work for you in the best way possible:

  • Select wide targeting as it is important to have some variety of options to select from to ensure the campaign can be optimized effectively.
  • Set bid price high enough to receive the desired amount of traffic. Bidding low will decrease visibility and the amount of traffic which is bought by the campaign.
  • Rotating offers will decrease the performance. We suggest using one offer per campaign for optimal results. Every time the offer is switched Smart eCPA has to adapt to the new offer effectively resetting the learning period.
  • Make step-by-step changes (by 10-25%) in bid prices if needed. This will work much better than aggressive changes.
  • Stick to one landing page. The AI is trained to the optimized performance of a specific offer on a specific landing page, changing them requires starting a new campaign.
  • Optimization takes time – be patient! As the Guinness ad says “good things come those who wait”.
  • Do not set a daily budget lower then $200; if the campaign keeps pausing, it will just extend the learning period.
  • Try not to change the campaign settings as everything you do will affect the way the model works. Make sure you are happy with the settings in the campaign setup, so you can just let it run.

Zeropark Note: Check out the Smart eCPA Campaign Setup Tutorial if you haven’t yet.