Promoting mobile apps? How about promoting it from within a mobile app? Mobile-App-CEPTION!

The Zeropark In-App enables you to achieve pinpoint targeting by getting the device ID’s through the {device_id} token. In other words, it allows you to promote within the mobile apps only.

This traffic type will be a good addition to your lead-gen campaigns, mobile downloads, and pin-submits. Connect it with the other targeting options in Zeropark and you will be able to reach the most valuable users with your offer.

Zeropark Note: In-App campaigns operate on the static number of sources that will be added to your campaign. Don’t add any other sources to such campaigns. Otheriwse, you might end up with the campaign of mixed traffic types.


In-App campaigns do not support smartlinks or offers with cloaking. Therefore, you need to keep your offers clean, if you want to use this type of inventory.

To create the In-App traffic campaign, follow the steps:

  1. Create a new campaign on your Dashboard:


  3. Select In-App traffic.


  5. Click the Source campaign for the In-App traffic.


  7. Provide information as you do it for the desktop traffic.

  9. Select your preferable settings and targeting. Obviously, you cannot target desktop traffic.


  11. Click Save and start making money!