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  • We deliver 150,000,000 ad views per day

Full page ad formats on a CPM basis

Advertise via two different channels:
Self-serve platform
Do it yourself! You’re in control of your campaigns and maximizing your profits.
OpenRTB or XML / JSON.

Our top 5 verticals

Surveys and Sweeps
Adult, Dating
Binary Options
mobile apps
Mobile Apps and Games


pop up ads


Opens up a new browser window to display the ad. It can be a full-page graphic or a landing page, and it can work as a pop-up or a pop-under. Our technology guarantees that all bad and non-converting traffic will be filtered out.

Domain Redirect Traffic

Domain redirect

Also known as “zero click,” domain redirect traffic comes from users typing in "parked" or unused domain names. A user who types in such a domain name gets redirected to the page desired by the advertiser.

Toolbar traffic


This is a toolbar-generated ad that shows up in search engine results. If you’re looking for high-quality traffic, it might be your choice.

Interstitial and pop ads on mobile


With our interstitial and pop ads on mobile, you can earn money on smaller screens, too. We support a variety of apps from different stores such as Google Play, Amazon, or Apple.

Native advertising


One of the most effective and unobtrusive ad formats on the market. With native ads, you get high user engagement and CTR and the statistics to match this bold statement.

With Zeropark, you get:


Worldwide reach

Our traffic is hand-picked and checked daily for quality control.

Robust targeting

Countries, demographics, types of devices, and much more!

Smart pricing algorithm

Zeropark ensures you get an optimal price per ad view


Choose between manual optimization with help from our Account Managers or auto-optimization.

Premium Campaigns

Our new feature for the most demanding customers.

Seamless Voluum integration

Now, you can track everything with the best performance tracker available.

Premium Campaigns

Compared to standard campaigns, the Premium feature guarantees you a better payout to cost ratio and a higher conversion rate.

Up to 250% more conversions!