How Zeropark Traffic Cleanup Doubled Push ROI%

1079 752 Kinga Gawron

Affiliate marketing evolves, user behavior changes, and those who dare… win. That’s why a couple of months ago the Zeropark team decided to close almost twenty sources and dump more than a third of our push traffic inventory.  Why would any company do such a thing? Because quality matters.  And if you…

Sports Betting Is Alive and Kicking! Do you wanna bet?

1079 752 Kinga Gawron

The Sports Betting vertical had it all — a proven track record of successful campaigns, great advertising strategies, a variety of well-paying offers, dedicated audience,…

How The Virus Changes The Way We Run Ads? — Top Ad Formats Insights & Analysis 

1081 753 Kinga Gawron

Five months into the coronavirus pandemic we can see that the whole world is slowly resuming its regular track… or at least it’s trying its…

Antivirus & VPNs — Hot Vertical For Coronavirus Times!

1079 752 Kinga Gawron

Crisis breeds opportunity… Antivirus & VPN vertical breeds profit. How convenient is that? Regardless of the controversies regarding such an approach, the global economy does…

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic — What Works Best During COVID-19 Days?

1081 754 Kinga Gawron

Mobile advertising took over a while ago… that is until COVID-19 caused a global lockdown and the whole Earth went quieter than usual. It shouldn’t…

Work-from-home kind of job for covid-19 days? Affiliate marketing is the answer.

2249 1569 Kinga Gawron

Given the current economic situation, many of the questions regarding affiliate marketing that we thought are long gone, are actually making a comeback. How to…

Cracking The Creative Code: How To Boost Your CTR with Native In-App Ads

1080 753 Kinga Gawron

If you’re taking your affiliate ventures seriously, native in-app advertising should definitely become a subject you want to know more about. Yes, it’s quite restrictive.…

Go With Your Ads Where People Are: Native In-App Advertising for Ecommerce

1074 753 Michał Schindler

When it comes to the online experience, people don’t care about the web anymore, they care about mobile apps. These apps do much more than…

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