Affiliate Marketing Trends 2022

1080 754 Alistair Bishop

Affiliate marketing trends tend to come and go, just like those jackpot sales associated with them. This means it’s critical that marketers follow the trends within their specific niche if they really want to make steady and sustainable profits with affiliate marketing in 2022. And if you’re one such marketer looking to…

How much money do you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing in 2022?

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

Affiliate marketing is a perfect opportunity for those who don’t see themselves in a 9-5 job. It’s a flexible and exciting way to earn money……

Affiliate Marketing & Postback URL Tracking: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Too Afraid to Ask in 2022

1080 753 Michał Schindler

There are very few topics that raise more questions than postback URL tracking. For most marketers, an affiliate postback is one of the most common…

Free vs. paid traffic for affiliate marketing. What’s the best solution for your business?

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

In most cases, if you want to make money online, you need a website or a landing page. Whether you’re advertising a product, a whole…

Affiliate Marketing Guide To Surveys & Sweepstakes Campaigns in 2022

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

Even though affiliate marketing is full of different opinions and contrasting strategies, there is one thing that almost everyone in the industry agrees on: sweepstakes…

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools. How to get leverage by spying on your competition?

1079 752 Magdalena Kukułka

Affiliate marketing is a competitive business. Even though the market has become very saturated over the last few years, affiliate marketers are still able to…

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