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Best Ways to Detect Bot Traffic and Ad Fraud in Performance Marketing

3576 2501 Łukasz Pośpiech

It’s obvious that as a marketer, you do not want to see any bot traffic. The same applies to every brand, and obviously, every performance marketing solution provider. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through the ad tech and filter out this unwanted traffic. Read on to discover them! What is bot…

What are the latest trends for programmatic advertising in 2022?

858 601 Łukasz Pośpiech

Online marketing has come a long way since it debuted in the mid-nineties. With a few generations of the Internet emerging in the meantime, pretty…

Marketing the 2022 US Tax Season

1081 754 Kinga Gawron

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes… and profits from tax-season affiliate campaigns as Benjamin Franklin would surely…

Best Affiliate Trackers in 2022 – With updated features and prices!

1080 753 Magdalena Kukułka

Affiliate marketing is a process with many middlemen, companies, networks, tools, and products involved. Simply speaking, it’s just finding means to promote a chosen product…

Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2022

1081 754 Kinga Gawron

The Internet is a vast ocean of information and an endless source of supply for your affiliate marketing campaigns. That’s why making sure you receive…

Can you do affiliate marketing without a website? – Top 5 methods.

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

If you’re thinking about starting a career in affiliate marketing, you are in the right place. Affiliate marketing can mean a lot of different things…

Top Affiliate Offers in 2022

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

Every year in January, a new cycle begins. Companies are making development plans, budget plans, and new business goals. Individuals all over the world are…

The Best Affiliate Networks of 2022! Top 10

1080 753 Alistair Bishop

Affiliates never cease to search for the next affiliate offer to serve to their audience. There are a number of ways to go about finding…

Where to Buy Traffic for Affiliate Marketing in 2022? FAQ

1081 754 Alistair Bishop

If you have recently tried Googling the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing in 2022, the results are enough to make any beginner affiliate confused.…

Best affiliate marketing offers to run with desktop traffic in 2022

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

While the world of affiliate marketing has been taken over by mobile advertising, it’s good to remind ourselves every once in a while that desktop…

Best travel affiliate programs, offers & networks in 2022 [post-COVID-19 update]

1080 753 Magdalena Kukułka

Summer is just around the corner. Shops are stocking up with everything you need on holidays starting with summer shorts and sunscreen and ending with…

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