Introducing Placement Categories: How Zeropark drives transparency in the advertising industry 

Łukasz Pośpiech

2024 marks the introduction of a completely new industry standard of information access for advertisers, and Zeropark is proud to be the driver of changes. 

Our way of creating an even safer solution for brand advertising within the commerce media space is allowing our demand partners to freely access all the data and insights they need without understatements, and with full transparency of traffic.  

Zeropark allows retailers to access effective ad targeting solutions based on the type of media and placements to maximize campaign customizability. 

With that being said, Zeropark introduces Placement Categories within Commerce Media advertising! 

What are Placement Categories in Zeropark Commerce Media? 

Drawing from countless conversations with brand and retail representatives during international shows, conferences, and meetings, as well as from direct relationships with advertisers in the commerce media ecosystem, we have decided to address a trending industry concern: the lack of clear information on where exactly are your ads

This information gap influences trust toward market monopolists and limits the ability to optimize the brand reach. It’s also the opposite of Zeropark’s commerce media philosophy which relies on addressing the advertising ecosystem stakeholders’ needs.

To accommodate these, our teams have designed a new approach to the available supply, creating 10 Publisher Categories based on the type of media and placements they offer. All allowing you, as an advertiser, to choose only the media that suit your needs and comply with brand and/or affiliate network guidelines. 

Upon release of the product update, we are proud to present 10 Publisher Categories, each tapping into a different stage of the long and twisted modern user journey. Each category is now available for a free choice of our demand partners when creating commerce media campaigns. 

Benefits of Commerce Media Placement Categories  

Introducing the Placement Categorization of Commerce Media supply allows Zeropark advertisers to tangibly upgrade their advertising by accessing improved logic and insights into commerce media. From now on you will be able to configure the placements to your liking based on the type of publisher media, and on a deeper level, on the specific publisher. 

We see it as an important update not only from the perspective of transparency into the nature of reached audiences but also as a step in allowing our demand partners to even better match their advertising with brand guidelines and/or affiliate network guidelines. 

2023 ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study shows that only 6% of marketers feel ‘very comfortable’ with transparency in their programmatic investments. On top of that, more than half of surveyed professionals express that they are somewhere in the spectrum between “neutral” to “very uncomfortable” with the extent of transparency they are getting. 

The same report identifies brand safety as the top metric for programmatic advertising campaigns, overtaking CPM, ROAS, Awareness, CPA, and even Conversions

With improved transparency, marketers can access improved targeting of audiences within commerce media to maximize the reach and optimize the effective campaign cost. At the same time, it allows commerce media advertisers to rest assured about the safety of bought placements

What changes in Zeropark Commerce Media? 

Zeropark Commerce Media’s actual supply does not change. What changes, is the way that our advertisers can make choices regarding their targeted placement types.

Now, when creating a new campaign, Zeropark Commerce Media advertisers can choose Placement Categories, and in some cases, choose from specific publishing sites and apps available. The changes also include an update to the Media Planner feature that displays category-based insights and volumes for brands of your choice. 

By embracing the new categorization systems, advertisers can unlock a wealth of benefits, from enhanced transparency and improved targeting to optimized campaign performance and brand safety

Explore our documentation on placement categories and reach out to your Account Manager to use the newest feature to the fullest.

Log into your Zeropark account to try the new Placement Categories firsthand! 

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