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Best Ways to Detect Bot Traffic and Ad Fraud in Performance Marketing

3576 2501 Łukasz Pośpiech

It’s obvious that as a marketer, you do not want to see any bot traffic. The same applies to every brand, and obviously, every performance marketing solution provider. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through the ad tech and filter out this unwanted traffic. Read on to discover them! What is bot…

Affiliate Marketing Guide to Sports Betting in 2022

1080 753 Kinga Gawron

Although the peak of the 2022 sports season may come a bit later this year, it’s still happening. Actually, it has already started… and it’s…

Why people fail at affiliate marketing & How to scale on a small budget?

1080 753 Magdalena Kukułka

Why people fail at affiliate marketing? Well, it has a rather shallow learning curve. You need to have a little bit of money to invest,…

How to optimize your landing page for conversions?

1081 754 Magdalena Kukułka

Whether you’re a beginner affiliate marketer focusing on lead generation and sweepstakes offers, or an experienced media buyer driving thousands of dollars worth of traffic…

Why Compliance Teams are your Best Friends on the Ad Arbitrage Journey

1716 1200 Łukasz Pośpiech

We understand how demanding of a task it is to run compliant and clean ad arbitrage. We also totally understand why some arbitrageurs can’t sleep…

10 Metaverse Marketing Doubts and Challenges for Affiliate Marketers and Brands

859 600 Łukasz Pośpiech

As the notion of the Metaverse is still something very new and very abstract, there are a lot of concerns regarding it. Marketers of all…

Everything you need to know about running and scaling traffic arbitrage

859 601 Łukasz Pośpiech

Some members of the community embrace arbitrage offers and use them to the fullest. Others do not really understand the specificities, or simply do not…

Affiliate Marketer’s take: Should You Enter Metaverse Advertising?

1081 754 Łukasz Pośpiech

The sails are up, and the boat is ready to set off on the new Metaverse adventure which will potentially revolutionize how we live, relax,…

Top low budgets strategies for affiliate marketing in 2022

859 601 Magdalena Kukułka

If you ever wondered how to do affiliate marketing without money from the start, we’re here to help. You don’t need significant resources to start…

Affiliate Marketing Guide: How to Profit from the Easter Season

1081 754 Dariusz Jaroń

It’s time for hunting Easter eggs. For affiliate marketers, it’s time for crafting profitable e-commerce campaigns, checking out the best converting verticals and trending offers…

What’s the future of affiliate marketing in 2022?

859 601 Alistair Bishop

The last few years have been difficult for many of us but the future of affiliate marketing is looking bright in 2022. Along with the…

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