Commerce Media: 2023 Insider Insights on Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the Q4 Holiday Shopping Season!

Łukasz Pośpiech

Black Friday and Cyber Monday preparations have already taken over much of Zeropark’s focus.

That means preparing relevant materials, talking to partners on both the demand and supply sides of the commerce media ecosystem, and determining the potential to scale all advertising campaigns.

2023 is no different! You may remember Zeropark’s 2022 BFCM-related activities that helped our advertisers achieve their KPIs. This year, we are bringing you more insights, more behind-the-scenes data, and an even better analysis of what your brand’s consumers want.

Read on to dive into 2023 BFCM insights brought to you by Zeropark.

2023 Black Week, at least in terms of how the consumers shop, will continue this year’s trends. People online have certain expectations that brands and their offers should meet to attract sales. Ultimately, consumers in the 2023 commerce media ecosystem need unobtrusive messaging, user-friendly advertisement placements, and the best consumer intent match.

Brands rarely will be able to inspire sales from completely uninterested users, also due to banner blindness – which isn’t a novelty in the industry. So, if the consumers are driven mostly by specified needs, what is the correct strategy for marketers during this intense season?

Optimize advertising, control the budgets, and speak to Account Managers about the potential untapped performance. The time to get to know your audience comes before the BFCM itself. When entering the week, all campaigns should have their goals set, budgets discussed, and CPCs planned.

Preparations for Black Friday-Cyber Monday week

For advertisers, the Black Week is equally rewarding and challenging. To maximize the performance of campaigns in this short period, all parties involved need to pay close attention to changes in the market long before the actual Black Friday.

Despite finding the products that consumers will be most interested in, the advertisers need to determine all the marketing channels they wish to utilize, the scale of their presence, estimate their budgets, and maximize potential performance. In the Zeropark Commerce Media ecosystem, this is done by:

  • Analysis of past performance. Observe the audience volume spikes and changes during previous BFCMs. It helps advertisers better grasp the potential scale-up of existing campaigns and discover new opportunities. 
  • The choice of advertising placements. To optimize campaign reach, we recommended the implementation of testing periods before Black Week. It will help you determine which elements of the commerce media ecosystem suit your brand needs best.

2022 BFCM Data Insights

Last year’s Black Friday–Cyber Monday brought us many interesting insights, especially regarding the increasing volumes of audiences available in commerce media. To give you a perspective, Zeropark observed a 292% increase in available consumer volume (compared to a standard Q3 2022 week) for Walmart, the superstore chain. It translated into the increased performance of commerce media campaigns for this brand, with a 174% increase in audiences successfully driven to brand offers.

It is only an example of brand performance during BFCM in Zeropark, but it shows that it is worth preparing for to the fullest extent. In the performance marketing industry, having an optimized strategy is a key to scaling up. Understanding the placements and CPCs will be crucial to driving more incremental conversions to the brand’s offer. Black Week is nothing less than the perfect opportunity for this scale-up.

People are more than willing to buy during BFCM 2023. The average US consumer will spend almost 7.5% more on Black Friday-related shopping than last year. During Black Friday 2022, 69% of people completed a purchase on the Internet, spending $430 on average and saving 24% of the original product value.

2023 Black Friday Insights 

The high demand is possible to calculate, so we can gather our insights and learn the number of consumers available for brand advertisers. We can also estimate the untapped potential for brands—the motivated audiences ready to be approached in the commerce media placement ecosystem. Below, see the sample data that shows how many users are available and what potential revenue they could drive for brands.

Our teams have already prepared long lists of untapped commerce media potential for different brands. See how much more brand revenue there is to generate should the full potential of commerce media advertising be unlocked.

To access a much more exhaustive list of brand potential for BFCM advertising, the summary of the latest consumer trends, and some historical Zeropark performance data, make sure to download the full version of our free 2023 Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the Q4 Holiday Shopping Season report!

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