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Incremental audiences for your campaigns

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Access high-intent audiences outside of competitive sources.

Zeropark is a results-driven advertising platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers looking to acquire high-intent customers outside of major search engines.

  • Motivated users

  • Competitive rates

  • Great performance

Discover solutions that make the performance happen

With 10+ years of experience in the ad tech industry, Zeropark commerce media solutions have proven to deliver scalable performance against marketing benchmarks, and help diversify advertising channels beyond the highly competitive sources. With no cookies involved.

Exclusive audiences

Advertise to exclusive audiences and capture people’s attention before they even start their search. Zeropark lets you do that with customer supply coming directly from mobile devices and apps.

High-intent shoppers

Connect with high-intent shoppers as they perform their search to deliver just the kind of products and offers they need. You can now do that with shoppers coming from Buy Now Pay Later platforms.

Motivated customers

Tap into motivated audiences who are already on the lookout for brands and offers. Answer their needs and advertise relevant content to motivated shoppers coming from coupon and loyalty sites.

Incremental supply

Benefit from a wide range of incremental supply sources with audiences coming from alternative search engines, browsers, app extensions, content sites, comparison sites, and much more!


Average CPC

96,000,000 +

Monthly available volume

Global reach

We cater to every niche

Looking to scale your affiliate campaigns?

Zeropark is here to help.

Deliver relevant content to audiences on a broad scale with proven legacy advertising solutions for affiliate marketers. Benefit from competitive rates and a large supply inventory across various verticals.

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Work with top partners in the media buying industry

Publishing partners

Affiliate networks

Tracking software

Community partners

Customer review

Alexandra Gogalniceanu

Alexandra Gogalniceanu

COO at Bigger Picture Solutions

“We've been working with Zeropark for over 7 years already, and it has always been a very reliable partner. Not to mention our account manager, who is always there to help us increase the performance of our campaigns. I totally recommend Zeropark to any media buyer.”

One-stop shop for everything you need


Self-serve platform

Take advantage from an all-in-one campaign management platform designed for affiliate and performance marketers. Enjoy access to all Zeropark capabilities, its intuitive interface, fast and easy campaign set-up, as well as advanced targeting.


Full control over data

Benefit from direct data reporting to maximize results and KPIs deliverability. Track your campaigns’ performance in real time via our platform or API and use gathered insights to auto-optimize your work so that you’re in full control of the performance at all times. No third-party cookies are involved.


Onboarding & Support

Gaining experience is the key to success in performance marketing. Zeropark makes this lengthy process quick and easy by providing our partners with dedicated onboarding and ongoing support from the industry’s finest specialists.


Industry experts

Zeropark is much more than just a DSP-SSP matching platform. We are a team of ad tech experts with 20+ years of experience who are here to develop products that revolutionize the industry. We are also proud to be a part of the industry-leading Team Internet Group.


Transparency & Compliance

Whether you’re an affiliate advertiser, performance marketer, or media buyer, we know how important transparency and brand safety are for your business. That’s why our partners have full control over where and how their ads are presented to audiences.

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    Audiences coming from brand-safe and trusted platforms only.

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    Solutions that let advertisers deliver scalable results.

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