5 Tips on making money with affiliate networks!

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Since affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways of earning online, without the need of investing huge amounts of money, advertisers from all over the world try to figure out the best way to improve the performance of their business using affiliate networks. 

So what are the best tips for monetizing your content with affiliate networks?

1. Share your content everywhere and make it relatable.

When it comes to social media and marketing, it’s no mystery that the more you do something, the higher the chance of being noticed. And being noticed is all you really need when working with affiliate networks. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, dedicated forums — sharing your content and offers on each and every social media platform is a guarantee on reaching out to the biggest audience possible.

It should be obvious by now that social media is and will be the key to communicating and maintaining contact between a seller and a customer. Share your affiliate links with case studies and use story-telling techniques about how the chosen product or service has helped you or anyone from your surroundings. Studies show that the more relatable the story is, the more people will get interested in it. You can read about story-telling in the context of affiliate marketing here:

2. Be able to tell which product or service is more attractive to you… and your audience.

Choosing a product or a service that will interest you and your potential customers is something that is significant when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing. It’s often overlooked as something obvious, but it’s important to focus on campaigns that won’t be forced to promote. As long as you’re not an advanced seller and a marketer, people will notice that things you want to “give” them are not the effects of both, the will to help them and making money out of it, but only the second option. Once you find things you’re truly interested in, your audience will be more willing to take an action you want them to. MyLead offers hundreds of campaigns from over a dozen of categories so that everyone can find a product they are truly interested in. You can check them out here:

3. Push ads notifications are the key. 

About 100 thousand advertisers from all over the world work with MyLead. Most of them use independent platforms that work best with affiliate networks. Some have started using Zeropark’s various ad formats and benefits that they offer.

Push ad notifications are great when it comes to affiliate marketing. They’re gaining more and more popularity over time. 


Even though some people say that emailing is one of the best options when it comes to earning money through affiliate marketing, statistics clearly say that push ad notifications are stealing the crown. Advertisers are aware of that and they try to choose the best possible option to help them in their performance. 

Zeropark offers:

  • Push and In-Page Push notifications delivered directly to desktop or mobile devices, iOS included!
  • Pop, new tabs, or windows displayed on top of or under a currently browsed tab.
  • Domain redirects, full-page ads triggered by redirects from domain misspellings.

As a self-serve advertising platform, Zeropark is a great complement to MyLead.

4. Create your landing page.

What even is a landing page?

A landing page is a special type of website designed to attract the attention of visitors and present the most important information. Its main purpose is to encourage some kind of action.

Landing pages are often used to encourage ebook downloads, subscriptions, announce a new product or service, or offer a discount. In some cases, the idea is not to sell a product, but to convey a message or message to visitors.

Just from the description, you should see that a landing page can be a pretty powerful tool when used in affiliate marketing.

  • Try testing out at least 3 landing pages at once. Once you get to know the results, leave just one, that works the best for you. If the CTR is still too low, don’t give up on trying more.
  • Make small changes on the landing page that converts best. Experiment and have fun with it! Add and remove elements, think about everything — font, placement of your ads, colors. Use your imagination.

More about creating and usage of landing pages you can find in MyLead’s article.

5. Finally, target your audience!

Just like you have to think about the products and services you’d like to promote, even more important should be targeting your audience. You don’t want to post your affiliate link from a +18 category on forums dedicated to young mothers, do you? 

It’s almost impossible to have a product or service that can appeal to anyone. But here always be some kind of specific end-user your affiliate offer is suited to. 

If you want your content to be valuable, it needs to be relevant for some groups. 

Zeropark lets you target your audience by all of these factors:

All of these will let you target the best possible audience dedicated to your chosen products or services. Once you do that, you won’t have to worry about non-profitable campaigns or promotion ways. Remember that thanks to people only, your affiliate work makes any sense. 


As mentioned before, affiliate marketing is reaching its peak of popularity when it comes to making money online. And now it’s probably the best time to get a hold of it. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require financial investment and is pretty easy to understand. All you need to have are the will to get into the subject and learn all the tips and tricks. Focus on picking your affiliate network and then, finding out which platform will be the best supplement for it is the key to affiliate success. Try working with MyLead and see for yourself if affiliate marketing is your you!

Content provided by MyLead


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