7 Basic Steps To Rock Your Pop Campaigns From KJ Rocker

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7 Step To Rock Your Pop Campaigns

Starting in affiliate marketing has one unique advantage… there’s always a ton of people who are willing to share their experience and expert tips to aid your efforts! 

That’s why below you’ll find a collection of 7 basic tips to rock your pop campaigns from KJ Rocker — CPA marketing and traffic generation mentor. 

#1. Select Converting Offers

The most common problem all affiliates face when launching a campaign is not knowing what offers to promote, and what kind of offer will work best on their traffic platform. Choosing the right offer is the first step towards launching a successful affiliate campaign. It is impossible to launch a successful campaign without one, so here are a few tips which will help you choose offers that are profitable and convert best. 

1.1 Ask Your Affiliate Manager 

A good and well-organized affiliate manager will maintain an excel sheet of offers based on their conversion rates, niches, etc. I always make sure I regularly ask my affiliate managers to provide me with the top-converting offers based on the network’s revenue. This can give you a pretty good idea about what offer is converting well on the network. 

1.2 Check With Your Traffic Source

Another way to choose the right offers is by checking with your traffic source. Traffic account managers have a very good idea about what kind of offers convert best on their platform. So, asking your traffic source account managers about the good converting offers and tips can be very profitable for the affiliates. 

#2. Find Your Marketing Angle

The next step involves finding your unique angle and then building landing pages using it. Marketing angle, in short, is an approach your take to spread your offer message. It’s a way you can relate to the customers and influence their decision.  

For example, for sweepstakes, offers can be promoted using multiple marketing angles. You can use seasonal events as a marketing angle, Valentine’s Day special, Christmas special, Father’s Day, etc.  

#3. Prepare Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are just like your marketing angles. They are important and based on your marketing angle. Many people think just ripping other affiliate landing pages could do the job… but I have bad news. Landing pages get saturated pretty quickly, so having a fresh and good landing page is super important.

If you cannot create landing pages yourself, try outsourcing. But landing pages are really important for a successful campaign. At Kjrocker.com we have a kickass team who knows how to create landing pages for affiliate campaigns.

Landing page by KJRocker 1

Landing page by KJRocker 2


#4. Select a Traffic Source

Now that we have an offer and landing pages ready to go, we will need a traffic source to launch ads from. When selecting a traffic source, what you need to look at is traffic sources that have active and good customer support. And also those whose traffic quality is next to none. For example, for pop traffic, Zeropark would be a great option as they are one of the best advertising networks in pop advertising. 

#5. Track Everything

Imagine you have 10 keywords and you are spending $10 on every keyword daily, and only one keyword is converting and making $20 back… How would you know which 9 keywords are the ones that are not converting? You will need a good affiliate tracker which can help you track your spending, and performance of your ads, landing pages, keywords, and offers.

Tracking platforms are the eyes and ears of your campaigns. 

#6. Optimize Your Campaigns 

Not every campaign is successful and profitable from the very start. You will have to get your hands dirty with data collection. Once you have the data, based on that you will be able to filter/remove bad converting sources, landing pages, etc. Only after that, you will be able to create a campaign that is making profits.

To optimize your campaigns, it’s highly recommended that you automate the optimization process. If you are a client of Voluum, you can do so with the Automizer

It is highly recommended to create optimization rules. Usually, I use the following rules:

#1. Test Budget = (Offer Payout*3.5) * Number of landing pages.

#2. Pause Target if spend is higher than your offer payout and conversions are zero.

#3. Pause landing page if clicks are over 1000 and conversions are zero.

You can also create automation rules for bid adjustments based on your offer payout and advertising budget

Automizer rules example by KJRocker

Source: KJRocker

#7. Scale Your Campaigns

Now that you have conversions coming in, and your campaign is profitable, the next step is to scale your campaign and juice it. This is the time when you want to see if you can increase your bids, buy as much traffic as possible, and also reach out to other advertising networks and buy traffic from them. 

These were 7 steps you need to take to create successful pop campaigns. Covering the whole campaign creation process in a single blog post is hard, but if you follow all these steps correctly you are guaranteed to have a campaign that will make profits for you. Feel free to share your opinions and feedback, and If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach me out through my blog!

Guest post by KJ Rocker

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