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Affiliate Marketing Guide to Sports Betting in 2022

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Although the peak of the 2022 sports season may come a bit later this year, it’s still happening. Actually, it has already started… and it’s savvier than ever.

In your face, covid-19!

So how to best use the opportunity, save yourself from regrets of missing out, and make money on the world’s major sporting events like The Fifa World Cup or the Tour de France which are followed by millions of people online? 

Here’s how to use sports betting and affiliate marketing to make money online in 2022!

The Sports Events Calendar for Affiliate Marketers

Remember how we always say that continuous monitoring of your campaigns is essential for every affiliate business? How keeping track of various elements and changes to the campaign’s performance allows advertisers to observe market trends and adjust efforts accordingly? Well… the same goes for observing the world market trends. 

Yes, that’s precisely what we’re telling you right now. Monitoring your campaigns is not enough. You need to keep an eye on the bigger picture too.

That’s why knowing everything about the global market trends (or pandemic) can help you tap into the current demand and find that money-making niche. And we all know that the sports business is worth crazy sums of money… like $500 billion for example! Why not have a piece of that cake, huh?

In order to monetize all this hype, we need to know what’s on the radar, when and where it’s happening, but also where the interest follows.

To help you get a hang of all the dates and events, we’ve prepared the 2022 sports calendar below!

2022 Sport Affiliate Marketing Calendar of Key Dates

As shown on the calendar, 2022 is packed with worldwide events that every affiliate marketer can surely benefit from. 

Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, cycling, hockey — think of billions of people who up until now, that sports have resumed, missed watching their favorite teams and athletes for the better part of the year. Also, think of those who simply love the thrill of a good bet or two. Such a wide range of events and accompanying opportunities is too good of a niche to be left unattended.

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How to monetize the sports hype with affiliate marketing

Before you rush to launch your sports-related campaigns, it’s important to figure out the right strategy. There surely will be competition, that’s why you need to play your cards right.

Researching some hard data as to why sports events are such a figure-making niche might be helpful. Have a look at these reports by Statista and learn what the online sale of sports event tickets tells us about the audience of your affiliate marketing ad campaigns. 


Naturally, the US reigns supreme. Not only with the highest revenue but also a big difference to its runner up, that is the United Kingdom.

That tells us where the hype gets the craziest, but also where the competition is the tightest. If you’re into sports betting ads, for example, the US surely is a profitable yet competitive market. Also, do mind the legal regulations that tend to vary per given US state.

That’s why Tier 3 countries might be a better solution for less experienced players, or simply those who want to test their offers in cheaper countries, before targeting more expensive GEOs.

Remember that, although most of the events listed in the calendar take place in the US, it’s not the only location worth targeting. The whole world is. Billions of people follow the US or European sporting events when, in fact, they’re based in other locations. 

Don’t forget about those die-hard football fans located in LATAM, APAC, or African regions!

Revenue global comparison

Audience by age-groups

Another important factor is knowing your target audience. Although this isn’t a newsflash for those who regularly research such data for their campaigns, for those who don’t, here it is. 

The group between the ages of 25-35 is usually your target audience. This is quite a pattern, but it’s always good to know the age split and the difference between the segments. It allows you to decide on the number of ads targeted at the subsequent groups. In this case, we’d recommend adding two more groups, those of 35-45 and 18-25. 

For example, if you’re running a push ad campaign and have a set of 10 ad creatives, divide them accordingly. Adjust 5 of them to match the top group’s preferences, then add 3 creatives meant for the second group and 2 more for the third one. Test and see if there’s any difference, and if there is, optimize your campaign accordingly. 

Age groups

Audience by sex

When it comes to targeting your audience by sex, the same case scenario as per age-group applies. Only this time it’s going to be even easier. Don’t direct all your ads at men only. Add a few female-oriented elements, make adjustments in the copy text and visuals of your ad creatives or landing pages.

Please both male and female eye to win even more attention from your users and tap into a wider audience. 

Users by gender

Audience by income

The difference in income can’t be directly reflected in your ads, yet it can be easily hinted at. But the most important information presented by Statista here is the fact that the lowest income group is actually the biggest.

This proves there’s a huge potential for affiliate advertisers who can easily use the “get richer with X, win Y or play and bet to earn Z” angle. 

Unsers by income

Sports-related verticals to choose from in 2022

Once we’ve gathered some basic data about the 2022 sports events and their target audience, now it’s time to decide how to utilize this knowledge and monetize on the sports hype.

This naturally leads us to decide what verticals are the most profitable to run with the sports angle. Luckily, there’s plenty, but one vertical rules them all!

Sports betting — the winning angle for sports-related campaigns.

People have always loved sports. They’ve always loved wager, too. 

Isn’t sports betting a match made in heaven, then?

Throw in the thrills of anticipating the game results, be that while watching it live on the stadium, in front of your TV, or following second-by-second news coverage on your phone. You know the feeling, don’t you?

The idea of winning that life-changing bet which is about to turn us into billionaires is well worth the risk. That’s precisely what makes the sports betting campaigns so profitable.

To top things off and make affiliate advertisers’ lives even easier, the sports federations and their gigantic sponsorships do all the marketing work for us. 

They trigger users to follow content related to the subject, even if they aren’t proactively looking for it. If people are bombarded with news on the biggest game of the year, they simply grow interested in it. It’s called herd instinct. 

That’s why the biggest spikes in the sports betting traffic can be observed around those huge sporting events, too. Just hop on Google Trends and “explore what the world is searching”.

Google Trends

Just don’t mind that never-ending celebrity drama, though. Mind Argentina’s search results trends and maybe try targeting your ads there? LATAM countries are proven to be a great market for sports-related ads.

Other verticals to try with sports-related campaigns.

Other verticals that can also capitalize on the sports events hype are:

  •  Surveys and sweeps — offering ticket lotteries, wheel of fortunes, electronics, etc.
  • Gambling — very much connected to the sports betting niche, though more general.
  • Crypto — whenever there’s money and betting on the table… crypto follows!
  • Streaming — live game streaming can go over the roof on the day of sporting events! Run ads promote streaming services a few days ahead to tap into user-demand.
  • Downloads — the same goes for all the app or download services offering access to, quite often, gated or restricted game streaming. Don’t sleep on sports-betting apps either!

If your offer suits one of these angles, then it’s surely worth giving it a go! Just don’t forget to adjust your copy and ad visuals accordingly to match the sports events theme!

And if you want to learn more about these other converting verticals, click here and read an article discussing a list of the best niches every savvy affiliate marketer should have a look at.

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We’re sure about one thing at this point. We’re sure we’ve managed to convince you that the 2022 sports season and the sports betting campaigns are a perfect match for your affiliate ventures. 

But there’s more.

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