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The Best Affiliate Marketing Verticals to Promote in Q4 2020

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Can you believe we’re already in the final quarter of the year? If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking to capitalize on this final stretch with some good ol’ affiliate marketing. This is the right choice, as historically, this period has been bringing affiliates some outstanding results. Here are the best verticals to promote in Q4 of 2020.

E-Commerce – The Best Vertical in Q4 2020

E-commerce is by far the best vertical to promote in affiliate marketing in Q4 2020. The explanation is quite obvious – the shopping-frenzy season.

Every year around this time, and especially in November and December, people from almost all around the world hop online to do some shopping. And they do it A LOT, not only purchasing gifts but treating themselves as well.

Why in Q4? Because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season.

The rapid growth of e-commerce over the years makes it an evergreen vertical and the best offer type to promote and make money on in the last three months of any year.

So if you’re looking to maximize your profits from affiliate marketing, pay attention to e-commerce. We recommend offers of the industry-leading online stores, as they tend to work the best. Just check out this graph showing you the growth of our customer’s campaign promoting an offer from one of the world’s top e-commerce providers.

a graph showing the growth of an e-commerce affiliate marketing campaign

The campaign peaked right in the middle of Q4 last year, just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and slowed down substantially after the holiday season. The high number of impressions resulted in a high number of conversions and thus, high campaign profitability.

Keep in mind, however, that the success of certain e-commerce offers may be very short-lived, often because of their expiration date. That’s why you should implement an aggressive bidding strategy for all your e-commerce campaigns during the shopping-frenzy season.

The most popular e-commerce services were the golden geese last year, but other, less known offers (like Sarenza, Home24 or Lazada) also gave our customers some tremendous results.

Q4 2020 – Your Time to Shine in Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not into promoting e-commerce offers, it’s still justified to have high hopes for this final period of the year in affiliate marketing. Based on our data, we can claim that Q4 is generally speaking a time of high revenue.

Expect adult, downloads (especially mobile, but desktop too) and leadgen to be among the biggest risers when it comes to the verticals with the highest demand through October, November, and December.

If you’re just looking for the highest conversion ratio, surveys and sweeps always seem to work extremely well in Zeropark, with downloads and e-commerce faring very well too.

This means that e-commerce won’t just be a voluminous vertical in Q4 2020, it will be among the most profitable ones as well.

If you want to make the most out of the upcoming season, don’t forget that Q4 is also the most competitive time in affiliate marketing as there are more marketers like you looking to make a splash.

That’s why setting the right bid is crucial in the campaign setup process. To bring traffic to your ads and ultimately cash in, you need to cash out first. Modest bids simply aren’t going to cut it and only the gutsy affiliates will enter 2019 with bags full of money.

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