2023 consumer trends: Zeropark commentary & insights report

Łukasz Pośpiech

The modern customer is constantly evolving, and for the past few years, Zeropark has encouraged professionals to be on the constant lookout for industry signals and hints.

That is why our team of seasoned performance marketing experts decided to share their views on the ripples and waves moving every industry in 2023. All observations included in this report are backed by the internal Zeropark statistics and sourcing top global market research.

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We cannot stress enough how important it is for any modern marketer to follow and understand their consumers’ expectations and behaviors. Ignoring customer and marketing trends will only put your business at risk of missing out on potential customers, optimizing your target audience reach, and effective strategizing.

For brands and advertisers, insights into how the marketing industry operations change and evolve are key to effective planning and execution. Also, it’s the way to go to boost your sales and Return on Ad Spend.

The new customer journey in 2023

In 2022, Zeropark experts have been already touring the world, presenting on multiple industry stages how the messy middle has replaced the standard idea-purchase path.

2023 proves that this perspective materializes.

As the research shows, customers are now starting their purchase journey in placements scattered all across the Internet rather than with standard and generic SERPs. These are specialized apps, search engines, social media, e-commerce sites, and many more. In short = 70% of your customers will start their shopping journey in incremental places outside of mainstream search engines. That is why your traditional marketing strategies should be revisited as soon as possible to match how your audiences make their purchase decisions.

Marketers should pay attention to obtaining visibility there and creating a brand interaction funnel in various, highly effective platforms. Target consumers where you’ll become most useful for their purposes. All to support the different phases of product discovery and purchase completion process of your audiences.

Consumers no longer turn to the default search engines to do their shopping. 2023 shoppers know exactly where to find products they love, as well as how to get the best offer for their needs. That’s why Zeropark partners up with some of the most in-demand global platforms and brands, offering both incremental sources of motivated audiences and guaranteed growth for your platform.

Buy Now Pay Later and sales-facilitation services

BNPLs and different forms of financial sales facilitation for users are services that have been brought into the spotlight during the pandemic times. And as the global markets have emerged from pandemic lethargy, the solutions are here to stay, having already gained brand loyalty and social trust. And the scale of user engagement in these is incredible. In Q4 2022, the BNPLs alone already had 360 million users worldwide, and researchers claim that by 2027 the number is forecasted to surpass 900 million.

Why do shoppers use Buy Now Pay Later?

Because of convenience, these solutions allow shoppers to spend more and seek financing options that would not be available with standard banks. This boosts the confidence of shoppers and the overall customer experience with precise advertising. Interest-free rates and manageable installment systems are there for customers to fill their online baskets without worrying about finances. What this feeling of safety and stability brings to the brands is not only an increased number of orders but also, as data suggests, the higher Average Order Value currently at $689.

So, to make sure that your brand fully embraces the potential hidden in BNPL services, it is not only important to include sales-facilitation services in the offer. It is also of the highest benefit to become visible on the BNPL platforms that attract millions upon millions of purchase-ready shoppers. These audiences are already looking for a chance to finalize orders, so reaching them and precisely answering their needs will only become beneficial.

Zeropark is a programmatic advertising partner to the biggest BNPL platforms, supplying our demand partners with highly- motivated and purchase-ready audiences. We’re proud to say some of the best- performing campaigns in Zeropark have run with BNPL placements, allowing brands and marketers drive incremental performance to their businesses, and friction-free experience to their customer base.

Zeropark expert teams have prepared a comprehensive set of 18 trends that are about to influence modern marketing, media buying, and brand operations in 2023. Every trend covered has been on Zeropark’s radar for a while now, and proves to be disrupting the markets. We’re happy to share the results of internal analysis, data-embedded market research, and product knowledge of our seasoned experts with years of experience in the field.

The new consumer trends for 2023 have been gathered in the format of a handy and free report filled with statistics and additional commentary to help our partners better understand the industry context of the changes. All to aid advertisers, brands, and media buyers with strategic planning of digital marketing budgets and becoming visible in the right places and at the exact moment of the customers’ highest shopping intent.


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