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Hottest Affiliate Marketing Offers in Q1 2019

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere, then the weather is probably pretty cold right now. But your mindset and offers don’t have to be that way with these hottest affiliate offers for Q1.

If you want to see higher returns this year, then you should take advantage of the opportunities and trends throughout the year. This can be making relevant creatives but also choosing offers which are attractive at particular times of the year.

Last quarter was a great time to focus on global shopping events with Black Friday and Single’s day, but the same isn’t true this quarter (Q1). Instead, there are two verticals that you need to keep an eye on if you want to succeed.

Surveys and Sweeps

We all want something for nothing right? That’s what is attractive about sweepstakes and surveys.

Surveys and sweepstakes are an offer type which promises a reward (or a chance of a prize) in exchange for entering. This could be a survey with a guaranteed discount voucher at the end or a sweepstake where you enter your email for a chance to win a prize.

You need to pay close attention with sweepstake and survey offers as there can be essential criteria from the offer, the traffic source and the GEO you are targeting.

An example of a sweepstake affiliate offer:

example of a sweepstake offer campaign

To run a sweepstake or survey, we recommend pop traffic which includes pop-ups and pop-unders. This ad format can grab attention and Pop traffic still works (no matter what you might have heard). Sweeps also work extremely well with push traffic.


We recently looked at the popularity of Nutra offers at the start of the new year and an example campaign that brought in some serious cash.

Check out that post to learn more about what nutra is and some tips so you can launch your next successful campaign.

Sports Betting

With two HUGE sporting events in Q1, it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the sports betting vertical.

a) Superbowl

February hosts the final game in the American football season and the second most watched sporting event around the world. Last year, Nevada sports books recorded that sports fans bet $158 Million on this one event. That’s a large sum of money, and it doesn’t count for bets held in other parts of the country.

And It’s not just Americans who bet on the Super Bowl, many non-football fans around the world will make a wager on the outcome of this event.

b) March Madness

Following the Super Bowl is March Madness, this is an American college basketball event that isn’t just one game, it’s a whole string of games all across the country. College teams compete in a series of knockout rounds to reach the final.

The compressed time frame and potential for upsets lead to the name March Madness. All across America, people will be creating their “brackets” to predict which college will make it all the way.

Image credit: Global1 news network

A targeted affiliate marketing campaign can see great results with wagers throughout the month with bets last year summiting $10 billion. Make sure you get a piece of the action.

Which affiliate offers will you choose in Q1 of 2019?

Have you decided? Sweepstakes, surveys or nutra? Whichever one you choose, Zeropark has traffic to help you get those conversions and set this year off to a winning start.

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