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The options for holiday season campaigns are endless. E-commerce is the obvious hot vertical, and whichever ad format you decide to pair it with, you are already on the road to success.

Although all ad formats available in Zeropark have their perks for e-commerce advertising, there’s one that holds great potential to be utilized especially in Q4 2021. Pop, push, domain, and search, are all proven and well-known advertising formats. But injection traffic is something that’s really worth giving a go.

If you want to try something new, accurate, and perfect for the holiday season e-commerce craze, learn more about injection traffic and take your affiliate campaigns to another level. 

What is injection traffic for affiliate advertising?

Injection traffic is a form of pop traffic inventory focused on keyword targeting. Injection traffic is generated by toolbars that users have previously installed in their browsers. In this way, the browsers give permission to display injected ads relevant to the currently browsed content. Injection Traffic works on the Cost-Per-View cost model in Zeropark.

As it is based on keyword targeting, it’s a very precise form of advertising. Also, placements providing injection ads are carefully selected and curated to offer only the highest quality of potential leads. 

To put it simply, the toolbar injects related adverts onto the page. If a user with an installed browser extension goes to visit a website, the content of the site opens with certain words (keywords) highlighted as links. Once the reader clicks one of those links, they get redirected to a landing page (optionally, straight to the offer) prepared by the affiliate. 

So, if you start a keyword pop campaign for a sportswear offer and choose to target, for example, sports shoes, if sports shoes appear in the content of a website visited by a typical internet user, your sportswear ad will be ‘injected’ under sports shoes as well as related keywords such as football boots or running shoes.  

What is injection traffic best for?

We do have a very good reason for talking about injection ads right now. After all, Black Friday, Cyber 5 Weekend, Cyber Monday, and every consecutive day leading up to the winter holidays will be an amazing opportunity for scaling any affiliate marketing business. 

For the last couple of years Injection traffic has proved to be the perfect channel for connecting brands and customers of the e-commerce sector. The benefits are there for both website owners, and affiliate marketers to make money with this ad format. During the shopping season, so the entire last quarter of the year, it brings impeccable results to many advertisers specializing in both e-commerce and travel verticals. While the travel niche has been on pause for some of this year due to the unfortunate circumstances of the global pandemic, e-commerce is anticipated to outperform last year’s results. 

Because injection traffic is based on keyword targeting, this type of pop ads is perfect for e-commerce. Also, running brand-to-brand campaigns with Zeropark is possible and highly encouraged. And a shopping campaign for discount stores such as Banggood, Zalando, or Asos, with exact keyword targeting which uses injection ads, is a dreamy set up which can guarantee a successful campaign. 

Whether you choose to advertise clothes, gadgets, electronics, toys, or kitchen accessories, opting for injection traffic will make your campaigns always reach the desired, purchase-ready audience.

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How does injection traffic differ from pop traffic?

It’s important to remember that injection is a type of pop traffic. It’s not a different or separate ad format but, similarly to in-page push being a type of push, injection pop is a type of pop. 

As it’s based on keyword targeting, injection traffic is geared towards higher payout offers that offer physical or electronic products. While pop traffic is perfect for sweepstakes, vouchers, lead-gen, gaming, and all kinds of offers ranging from data-collection to sales, injection pop is ideal primarily for sales. 

The reason for this narrow specialization is that injection is about the most accurate form of targeting and it’s usually the mid-shopping consumers that click on those well-targeted ads. 

While pop ads are automatically triggered by the browser extension, injection ads are non-invasive and merely inserted in the text waiting to be clicked by the curious users. Hence, they’re less invasive and only interacted with by people interested in a given keyword that have browser extensions on their devices.

pop vs. injection pop

Where to find injection traffic?

Injection traffic is not listed as an ad format because it’s exclusive (very high quality but on the pricier side) and therefore limited in quantity. If you bid high enough, though, it can actually be found in a lot of the regular keywords and sources.

If you’d like to try injection traffic using #injectiononly sources, the Zeropark’s support team can enable the traffic flow for you. To request the supply of injection traffic advertisers need to:

  1. Start a pop keyword campaign.
  2. Pause it immediately after approval.
  3. Reach out to our support team or your assigned account manager.
  4. Add #injectiononly in the email title asking for injection supply.

While injection traffic alone might not be ideal to test campaigns, it is perfect for scaling e-commerce campaigns with a proven funnel. 

Exact keyword targeting vs. broad keyword targeting

Since injection traffic uses keyword targeting as a base, it’s important to understand the different nature of exact vs. broad types of keywords. While each website is tagged by several “keywords” to describe its contents, keywords chosen by you in your campaign can be paired with them in two slightly different ways. 

Exact keyword targeting

By choosing the exact keyword targeting you make sure that the traffic will only be sent to your landing page or offer if it matches the website keyword with 100% accuracy. You won’t receive traffic from similar or misspelled keywords but only the ones you specify. 

So, if one of your keywords is ‘barbie’ you won’t receive any traffic from websites tagged as ‘’ or any variation other than the exact keyword ‘barbie’.

If your keyword is rather short like, for example, “hat” then you should go for exact targeting to avoid matching with keywords such as “chat” or “haters”.

Broad keyword targeting

On the other hand, by choosing a broad keyword targeting you’re allowing the source to bid on keywords related to your specified keyword in addition to the exact match. 

So, if you choose the keyword ‘barbie’, you would receive traffic from websites tagged not only with ‘barbie’ but also with ‘barbiedolls’, ‘’ ‘www.barbie’, and other varieties as well. 

Broad keyword targeting is especially recommended for domain traffic as it can vastly increase the volume of traffic by bidding on keywords that match your traffic but aren’t as easy to come up with.

Keyword targeting is ideal for e-commerce as well as other narrowly targeted offers. While sweepstakes and vouchers are extremely universal, e-commerce offers need to be directed specifically at purchase-ready customers. Keyword campaigns allow you to meet with your desired audience in the middle. 

If you need more information about running keyword campaigns, read the following article, and learn about the DOs and DON’Ts of using keyword targeting in affiliate marketing.

Broad vs Exact Keyword Targeting

Top sources for injection ads

As we’ve mentioned before, injection traffic can also be found in regular pop traffic placements. If you’ve ever run a pop campaign and decided to bid up on a source or keyword, chances are that you’ve bought some injection traffic, too. 

If you feel like injection could be a nice addition to your pop campaigns, here’s a list of traffic sources in Zeropark offering injection inventory: 

















Alternative injection ads verticals

E-commerce is the cake of every Q4 and injected ads might just be the cherry on top. But you can definitely put that cherry on top of other verticals as well. If you choose to specialize in something other than e-commerce but are still intrigued by the power of injection traffic you can use it in other kinds of campaigns. And it might just give you an edge over competitor ads due to the non-invasive nature of the browser injected ads.

Keyword targeting tends to perform best for brand-to-brand campaigns. That’s why injection traffic is perfect for anything brand-related. As long as the keyword you’re targeting is a brand, injection traffic will come in handy with its non-invasiveness and accuracy. 

Of course, what needs to be taken into account is the premium quality of injection placements. The bids are automatically a bit more expensive, and while it makes no difference to high payout offers, lower payout offers might struggle to break even. So, take this into consideration when planning your campaign ad spend budget.

However, despite brands being usually associated with e-commerce, there is a variety of offers that can benefit from injection pops. For example:

  • Travel agencies, using keyword not only related to the brand but also offered services and destinations
  • Crypto and forex trading websites
  • Apps, games, and antivirus programs
  • CPS/Utility services

Those are just some examples, but any offer you find that has a solid branding attached to it has the potential to break the bank with injection traffic. And remember that injection ads are not the ad format for any type of unauthorized ads. So, do your research to what types of ads are allowed on the ad network of your choice before getting banned for breaking the rules.


Everyone knows pops. Most beginner affiliates have tried keyword targeting as well. Why not go a level higher and make use of the injection type of pop ads?

If you have some experience already and are planning to run more e-commerce offers through video ads or Facebook ads, trying injection traffic is a must. It’s the most accurate premium type of traffic and due to its non-invasive nature, it attracts highly interested and purchase-ready customers. That’s exactly what you need for any product you’re currently advertising, isn’t it? So, get started and inject ads into some of your affiliate marketing campaigns today.

It doesn’t matter how advanced you are, or what your favorite verticals are. Shopping season is too good of an opportunity to miss out on. Pick your favorite niche (preferably e-commerce), pick your ad format (injection is the hit), and break the bank before the season is over!

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