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Marketing the 2020 US Tax Season

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In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes… and profits from tax-season affiliate campaigns as Benjamin Franklin would surely say had he been a super affiliate. Only you don’t need to be a super affiliate to make money at this time of the year. With the 2020 US tax season in full swing, there’s no better time to hit it big.

Here’s how to maximize your profits running tax season ad campaigns — read on and scale up!

What’s the US Tax Season?

The US Tax season begins on January 27 and goes till April 15. During this time, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) accepts tax returns from US citizens. Although tax-payers have almost twelve weeks to submit their statements, the tax season’s peak occurs right before the deadline. As for chronic-procrastinators, those who want to file for extension with the IRS must do so before the deadline, that is April 15, or face the consequences. Sounds serious enough? Luckily for any affiliate advertisers out there — it is. 

Google Trends IRS

Filing tax forms and dealing with tax calculations wreaks havoc amongst millions of people, every year, with zero chances for escaping it. Even an honest mistake can get you in real trouble with the government and nobody wants to mess with the IRS. So unless you’re really into finances and calculations, filing tax returns requires assistance.

How can affiliates make money on the US Tax Season 2020?

That’s why there are services that guide tax-payers through the process and help them get past the tax season as stress-free as possible. With the whole of the US turning to such companies all at once, imagine the demand. Yes, it’s hitting through the roof. Firms like H&R Block, TurboTax, Credit Karma Tax and many others are having their moment right now. And the best part is — so can you.

Infographic US Tax Season

This is because some of the US tax-filing services offer affiliate programs. Promoting their offers, especially at this time of the year, comes with an almost sure-fire surge of traffic and target audience interest. Here’s how to get your share of the tax season profits.

Offers for the US Tax Season ad campaigns

From the affiliate marketer’s point of view, running tax-season related offers falls under the finance vertical. Bur finance is not the only vertical worth exploring right now as lead generation campaigns and software downloads tend to spike during the tax season, too. This is because all three verticals relate to 2020 tax-filing trends — people choose to calculate what’s due either via software or online. 

As mentioned before, advertisers can get their tax-season offers straight from the tax-firm programs. See examples below:

Another option would be to search through affiliate networks. Since such networks aggregate various offers from a wide range of verticals, there’s a chance for getting tax-season related offers, too. See examples below, and if interested head to the page for details.

Targeting the US Tax Season ad campaigns 

A week prior to the beginning of the season, TurboTax had already pushed its advertising efforts quite up the ladder, placing itself as a number 4 leading TV advertiser in the US. But that’s not all. According to Statista, TurboTax spent more than $90 million on TV advertising alone, and H&R Block coming next with more than $80 million spent. 

With tax-filing services spending vast amounts of money for all kinds of advertising — from TV commercials to digital advertising, the US citizens are under the radar. So if you’re wondering how to target US tax-season ad campaigns so that they convert, then people, timing and place are everything. 

US Tax Season Target Audience

With tax-filing services battling one another in a short yet intense fight for customers, an overview of collected data may be helpful in identifying a target audience for your affiliate ad campaigns. 

Expotential Tax InfographicInfographic Source

Although demographics and interests can’t be targeted by traffic sources automatically, advertisers can still use this knowledge to adjust their campaigns. This refers to:

  • Ad copy and creatives
  • Device types, browsers, IOs, etc.
  • Day-parting
  • Frequency filtering

Calculations, estimations, and predictions are what this business is often based on. That’s why careful filter selection to match your audience’s profile and likings may be the key to the success of your campaign. Especially with detailed year-by-year data waiting just a few clicks away. 

US Tax Season Advertising Timing

Why a short yet intense battle, though? Well, for one thing, the tax-season doesn’t last that long. Let us remind you this year’s tax season started on Monday, 27 January and will last till Wednesday, 15 April 2020. Nearly a dozen weeks during which US citizens need to file their tax statements — not much time if you think of millions of people this actually involves.

According to Forbes, although there’s not much time, people in the US don’t seem to be in a rush… yet. Numbers clearly show that the closer the deadline is, the bigger the interest and number of statements flowing in. 

This means there’s still enough time for affiliate advertisers to:

  1. Find tax-related offers.
  2. Prepare ad copy and creatives.
  3. Plan the targeting strategy.
  4. Test and optimize tax season ad campaigns.
  5. Scale up to make profit running tax season ad campaigns.

See how the Google search trends spike around the tax season key dates, do your research and launch US tax season ad campaigns.

Google Trends Tax

US Tax Season Location Targeting

The nature of such campaigns does limit the location-based targeting to the US alone but the same case scenario, only properly adjusted, can be then used for Canada, UK or Australia since their taxation systems also require a dose of online-assistance. 

Yet, getting more granular and running campaigns targeted at specific regions may also be a way to go. Data delivered by the IRS itself can help figure out where the tax season’s peak has already happened and where it’s still to come — in such a case focusing on these areas means higher chances for profit.

US Tax Season advertising ideas 

That dreaded day when Uncle Sam comes to collect the tax money, or rather when people go and do it themselves, is coming soon. Since tuning our ads to match the occasion is an all-times piece of advice, here are some ideas for the US tax season ad campaigns.

1. Numbers don’t lie!

The tax season deadline is on Wednesday, 15 April. The tax form number is 1040. Use and combine numbers 4, 15, 1040 into your ads as the US audience will instantly connect these with the tax season. They can be used in your ad copy, headlines, images, example promo codes, percentage of discounts, etc. 

2. Keep the ad copy both short and relevant!

Use the exact USP of a tax service (Unique Selling Proposition), e.g.:

  • $0 filing/ $0 cost
  • Simple federal filing for free
  • Get your biggest possible refund fast
  • File your tax return for free!
  • Click here for $0 cost tax-returns
  • Give Uncle Sam what’s his — but not a $ more!

If using pre-landers: 

  • Make them look like a tax-service homepage. 
  • Allow users to find more details about tax-services offers like pricing, plans, deadlines.
  • Help people navigate and understand what they’re actually looking at. 
  • Use phrases that immediately capture the customer’s attention.
  • And convey exactly how the service can help them.

3. Let users see that CTA button!

Contrasting and eye-catching CTAs highlight the primary USP of the product and encourage users to take action, for example:

  • Save Up Here
  • Get Started
  • File free
  • Find out more

4. Credibility, baby!

Assure users your offer is not a scam and by purchasing the tax services they also buy a guarantee of accuracy — remember that’s the primary reason why they’re not filing the statements by themselves!

Ad formats for the US Tax Season ad campaigns

Using pop and domain redirect traffic for your tax-season campaigns is always a good idea. Both ad formats are cheap, nearly effortless to run, and enable keyword targeting — especially useful if targeting precise products/services. 

Find out more about the best domain redirect traffic tips and tricks.

domain redirect adsLearn how to run keyword campaigns that convert

pop ads

Push traffic, though, can work great too thanks to its non-intrusive and direct format. Ads delivered straight to users’ phones are fast, easy to engage with and simply liked by users. It may not be as cheap as pop or domain redirect traffic but it gets you higher user engagement leading to more conversions.

Learn more here — read the ultimate guide to push advertising here.

ad formats push

The truth is there isn’t one uniquely the best ad format for promoting tax season offer with finance vertical for the US market — it all depends on your budget, experience, research, campaign testing, and optimization. 

What we can tell for sure though is that pop and domain ads are a safe bet and they’re not very demanding. Push traffic, on the other hand, has proven to work well for season-bound hypes, just like the tax-season advertising — though it may require a bit bigger budget. If your budget isn’t that big yet, or you simply don’t feel like trying this many traffic types for each offer you run, it’s reasonable to run push traffic for mobile-oriented offers and choose pop ads and/or domain traffic for desktop.

ZP Treats for the US Tax Season ad campaigns 

Since we mentioned that keyword targeting may do the trick with tax season ad campaigns, here’s a not so short whitelist of relevant keywords and suggested bids on a badious-buzzard source for domain redirect traffic for the US market.

Mind that the below keywords are a collection of:

  • one week data only 
  • for one particular source
  • just for domain traffic
  • exclusively for the US market

This means that there are plenty of other sources and targets for the US market for domain redirect traffic, as well as for pop and/or push traffic. The below list should help you identify the tax-season related keywords and help you choose the best set up for your campaigns — whether you’re promoting TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct or any other tax company.

NOTE: Remember that when using the H&R Block keyword, it should be inserted without an ampersand. Instead of submitting H&R Block, use hrblock or hr block.

You can always check the GEOs, sources or keywords performance as well as suggested average bids by heading to the Traffic Calculator tool. Mind the bids presented below or in the system tool are average estimations. This means they should still be adjusted and optimised for the most optimal setup and successful performance of your campaigns.

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Keywords for domain traffic on badious-buzzard source US Weekly Visits Suggested Bid in $
turbotax 29 551 1,35831
irs tax,tax return,tax form 1 578 0,47631
tax form,tax return,tax filing 1 509 0,33268
tax service,tax return 1 449 0,23685
tax refund 1 405 0,30020
hrblock,software,tax software 673 1,22025
tax 534 0,19906
taxpayer 471 1,12773
labcorp,tax lawyers 384 0,18668
tax collector 352 0,27350
efile taxes 345 0,41188
turbotax,tax preparation,tax services,tax return 345 1,43101
tax refund,tax filing 312 0,24507
tax filing,tax service 309 0,13024
tax form,tax preparation 239 0,28653
hrblock,tax refund,tax filing 237 2,07448
tax return 231 0,19574
e filing,tax return 148 1,00936
turbotax,tax return,tax filing,tax services 136 0,43607
file state taxes 124 0,14001
tax refund,irs refund 97 0,16117
tax payment 85 0,28761
taxact,tax refund,tax filing 81 0,59352
tax preparation,tax return 74 0,22304
mytaxcollector 70 0,05731
tax form,tax return,tax refund 69 0,15336
hrblock,tax preparation,tax services,tax return 68 3,79650
tax preparation 59 0,15222
direct tax free 54 0,07733
tax return,tax service 43 0,32886
irs tax return 41 0,29369
hrblock,tax return,tax filing,tax services 40 0,78795
tax revenue data 38 0,09768
irs,tax refund 30 0,16524
real estate,tax 30 0,16199
dallas county tax 29 0,46561
liberty tax 29 0,98494
tax return,tax services 29 0,27025
jackson hewitt,tax preparation,tax return 27 0,37770
liberty tax,tax refund,tax filing 26 0,93040
taxslayer,tax preparation 25 1,20163
carrefourtax refund,irs refund 23 0,22059
tax division 22 0,15938
tax payment system 19 0,37281
tax assessor 17 0,33211
tax software 16 0,27936
taxact,tax return,tax filing,tax services 16 0,61538
irs,tax filing 15 0,27757
turbotaxtax service,tax return 14 1,17216
etax 13 0,24339
eztaxreturn 13 0,60290
income tax online returns 13 0,05779
sumpter tax collector 13 0,48889
tax refund,tax filing,tax filing software 13 0,18982
turbotax,tax refund,tax preparation software 13 1,18909
tax department 12 0,16280
tax package support 12 0,17094
tax service 11 0,16009
turbo tax business software 11 0,05942
turbotax,tax return,tax filing 11 0,57523
irs,tax return,tax filing 10 0,55678
property tax 10 0,19992
tax filing 10 1,15018
nbr tax calculator bc 9 0,30525
comal county tax office 8 0,19699
tax return,tax refund 8 0,21571
tax free 7 0,13252
county record,real estate records,tax record 6 0,18803
hp,tax planning 6 0,03582
tax audit 6 0,26325
tax free uk 6 0,41726
tax services 6 0,24713
tax statements 6 0,31258
glacier tax 5 0,16834
instant tax 5 0,07880
maryland taxes 5 0,14326
tax forms 5 0,25234
www free taxes 5 1,66219
maryland land taxes 4 0,20236
miami dade-county-taxes 4 0,16280
tax freedom act 4 0,04233
taxact 4 0,63036
taxact returning user 4 0,02279
taxes 4 0,05193
turbotax,tax return,tax services 4 1,28938
nj taxation 2 0,01254
tax colorado 2 0,00358
additional tax 1 0,02149
american funds tax forms 1 0,00358
ez tax,tax refund 1 0,25788
national tax experts 1 0,14147
tax preparation,tax calulation,tax service 1 0,00358


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