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Mobile Traffic and Pop Ads. What’s the Upside?

858 600 Bartosz Bielecki

From this article you will learn:
-What mobile pop ads are;
-Why mobile pop traffic campaigns are good for beginners;
-What to look out for before starting a mobile pop ad campaign.

If you’re just about to start your affiliate marketing journey and wonder what kind of advertising you should begin with, you’re in the right place. Mobile pop traffic campaigns are arguably the best starting point for beginners.

Pop ad is a kind of forgotten, yet still an effective format of advertising. We distinguish two types of traditional pop ads: pop-ups and pop-unders. Usually triggered by a click on a designated area of a website, a toolbar or an onsite script – pop-ups are the windows that contain a landing page or an offer page. They appear on top of the screen, over the content of a website. Pop-unders, on the other hand, show up in the background.

Nowadays you will mostly encounter those pop ads on adult or streaming websites. Mobile pop ads are slightly different than their desktop counterpart. Rather than opening a new window, when they are triggered, a new tab appears in your mobile browser. If it’s a pop-up, you’re immediately taken to that tab. If it’s a pop-under, you stay on the page you are currently browsing, and you can only see it when you close the current window.

If you feel like reading more about pop ads and their transition to remain an up-to-date form of advertising, head over to this post. In today’s article, I will explain why it’s worth hopping on the mobile pop ads bandwagon.

Why Mobile Pop Ads?

As stated in the opening paragraph, mobile pop traffic campaigns are perfect for newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry, because they can teach you the basics without the necessity of taking a significant financial risk. At the same time, they are a proven path to a profit.

Since pop ad campaigns can’t be targeted in terms of socio-demographics, they are very cheap to run. Impressions cost merely small fractions of a dollar.

Obviously, there is some targeting that can be done. The more powerful the intermediary platform the more advanced targeting options are available (like mobile OS version targeting), but generally, it’s based on location, website, and device, rather than interests, age and gender.

Moreover, mobile pop campaigns are easy to set up and handle. There are fewer conditions to fulfill, compared to advertising with Facebook or Google.

Another upside of mobile pop traffic campaigns is the fact that they mostly come down to the creation of a landing page. A landing page’s role is to make users take advantage of your offer. So it is easy for split testing and optimization. There aren’t nearly as many variables as there are in the case of other ad formats.

Additionally, mobile pop campaigns allow advertisers to utilize direct mobile billing in their campaigns. This means that whenever the offer owner has an agreement with a given carrier, users taking advantage of the promoted offer can be billed directly by the carrier. As an advertiser, you can choose to target a specific carrier, which makes it easy to improve the efficiency of your campaign.

Campaign verticals that tend to perform best for mobile pop ads include mobile app downloads (especially utilities, like antiviruses, VPNs, and mobile games), as well as pin submits and surveys/sweepstakes.

What to Be Aware of?

You definitely need a tracker for your campaigns. There is no chance you can successfully monitor the actions and take necessary steps based solely on the insights provided by Google Analytics. Even if you tried, you would soon find out that this platform is not designed to track pop traffic. If you need a tip regarding which tracker you should choose, we recommend Voluum, not just because it can be integrated with our platform, but simply because it is generally regarded as the best available solution.

A campaign tracker is a must-have for all affiliate marketers and it’s an absolute necessity for those who run mobile pop traffic campaigns. Mobile pop ad campaigns are known for their unpredictability. One source can be bringing brilliant results just to become completely useless overnight. You need to stay on top of your advertising activities and cut off the sources that aren’t performing. Campaign trackers put you in a position to do that.

The fact that mobile pop campaigns are a good starting point for affiliates because they’re simple, cheap and effective, makes them attractive and wildly popular. This obviously means high competitiveness, which only inflates with the availability of campaign spying tools that let you examine landing pages of other affiliates.

Finally, note that speed doesn’t kill when it comes to affiliate marketing. Quite the contrary, actually. Research by Kissmetrics shows that nearly half the users expect a page to load within 2 seconds, and 4 out of 10 users will leave the page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

That’s why you should use proven and fast hostings and beware of creating heavy landing pages.

Overall, if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, mobile pop traffic is the way to go, mainly because of its low entry barriers. What you need to have is a traffic source (for example from an ad exchange), offers (you can get them directly from merchants or from an affiliate network), and a tracker. Oh, yes, you could also use a bank account to store your earnings.