The Holiday Week Hustle

The Holiday Week Hustle is Here!

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The Holiday Hustle isn’t over yet. And if you’re a clever affiliate, then you know very well that the end of December is the time to hit it big. That’s why we bring you this last-minute guide to scaling your affiliate campaigns during the crowning week of the Holiday Craze! 

Read it and think twice before stepping off the gas… unless you want to go ROMO sooner than saying ho, ho, ho!

Let us stop you right there. Yes, running end-of-year ad campaigns is a good moment to revise your 2020 affiliate marketing efforts. This is not to reminiscence, though. This is to draw crystal clear conclusions, implement them, and jingle bell rock your profits in the very last days of 2020!

The best advertising strategies for the end of 2020

The Best Ad Format of 2020

As Zeropark data shows, pop traffic has been the best performing ad format of 2020. What a surprise, huh!? It isn’t that we’ve told you so here, or here, or there! Now that the year is coming to an end and we can look at pop traffic from a broader perspective, let’s think about how to use this information for maximizing your profits in the last days of 2020.

  • First, if you’re already running pop ads campaigns keep on doing just that! If you don’t, well… you’d better hurry up. 
  • Also, if you belong to the group of clever affiliates, then you surely must have done pop ad campaigns before. Now it’s time to go back and recreate the best-performing patterns and optimization strategies. Adjust it to match the Holiday Season trends for the best targeting and maximize your chances for generating conversions.
  • If you’re wondering what optimization and targeting practices to choose for your pop ad campaigns, then the best industry tip you’ll find here is: don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Whatever works for Q4 — filled with events like Black Friday and the Black Weekend, Cyber Monday, and pre-Holiday shopping will most probably work for the Holiday Week and New Year’s day as well. 
  • Sounds like no news flash at all? You’re right! Yet, to our utter surprise, some people stop hustling right before the very peak of Q4 profits. Don’t be a quitter! Be the smart guy who knows now is the time to keep not just one finger on the affiliate pulse. It’s all hands on deck time of the year. 

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The less efficient advertising strategies of 2020

Well, nobody says these can’t be successful for you. Yes, pop ads win in the push ads vs. pop traffic or pop traffic vs. domain redirect traffic comparison and outdoes the other two ad formats in the general overview. Yet, a good offer, fine targeting, and proven optimization practices combined with industry insights can turn any ad format campaign into a success. 

What to do if you’ve never run push or domain redirect ad campaigns, have no idea or will to do so, yet you’re pretty experienced with pop traffic? 

  1. Keep on doing what you’re good at! Again, revise your affiliate accomplishments and identify the best performing items for your domain, push or pop traffic ad campaigns. 
  2. Research the affiliate industry for push, pop, or domain advertising holiday season ideas. 
  3. Alternatively, use tons of information the affiliate industry offers on advertising formats and apply it to an ad format of your choice. Usually, the information presented is generic enough, or with little effort, one can adjust it to make use of the newest trends and out-of-the-box ideas. 
  4. Remember that there’s little time left, so testing isn’t an option right now. Get the tried and tested patterns and bid up on those!

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What works best in the last days of 2020

Zeropark data shows that 2020 has been a hell of a ride… and there are still a few days left to jump on the affiliate rollercoaster. Have a look at our 2020 Holiday Week Wheel of Traffic stats and use this data to compare your results against the industry findings. This will help you identify the things you’ve been doing right all along and maybe some areas to improve. 

2020 Wheel of The Best Verticals for Pop Traffic

POP ADVERTISING IN 2020This graph needs no explanation at all — Downloads, E-commerce, and Sports Betting have been the verticals for pop advertising in 2020. This should give you an idea of what’s best for running broad or specific campaigns, what kind of traffic volumes to expect, and estimate your advertising budget for the last-minute campaigns… especially in the coronavirus-inflicted world.

2020 Wheel of The Best Verticals for Domain Traffic


When it comes to end-of-year stats for domain redirect traffic, the situation also shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Survey & Sweepstakes, Downloads, Gambling, and E-commerce are, again, the top-performing angles to go for. Mind that zero-click ads offer precise targeting so you can push it out there without the risk of targeting the wrong audience section. Top verticals also seem to reflect the consequences of the 2020 global lockdown caused by COVID-19.

2020 Wheel of The Best Verticals for Push Traffic


Well… this is undeniable — Gambling, Sports Betting, Lead Gen, and Surveys rule them all. Push traffic is no different from the other ad formats when it comes to worldwide trends prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. Such alignment makes your life much easier running last-minute push ads campaigns. Thanks to high consumer motivation, your chances for engaging users who get to see your push ad notifications are much bigger. 

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2020 Wheel of Top GEOs


Now, if you’re wondering where to rock your affiliate ad campaigns this time of the year… then the list above gives you ten top GEOs and the traffic split amongst them. It may look like no surprise, but it’s a huge help in estimating where to direct your focus and how much it will cost you. Check your traffic network’s volumes, top up your account, and go for it. Also, if you need ideas and support in figuring out the best advertising strategies for your affiliate ad campaigns then getting the latest Traffic Insights is a solution for you.

Ho, ho, ho … the Holiday Season 2020 is here!

Whether you’re a pop, push or domain redirect expert, do not stop your affiliate ventures right at the peak of the season. These few days may be a make-or-brake time so you need to act fast. Now that you’ve got insights on the best ad formats, verticals, and locations to focus on… all that’s left is to make use of it while running your end-of-year ad campaigns.


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