Understanding traffic types in zeropark

Understanding Traffic Types in Zeropark

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With ad fraud proving to be a real threat to digital advertising, achieving satisfying Lifetime Value rates with your campaigns has become quite challenging. High competitiveness of the market certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

But your situation is far from hopeless. Zeropark is here to equip you with the right tools to override these difficulties. As the title says, today we will help you understand the traffic types in Zeropark, which should help you get more conversions from your Zeropark campaigns using our Premium and Standard Traffic features.

Traffic Types in Zeropark

Let’s begin with explaining what Premium Traffic means in regards to Zeropark campaigns.

We differentiate between three traffic types in Zeropark.

Premium Traffic has the highest quality as it’s handpicked by our team from the most trusted, high-quality and high-converting sources. This traffic is in the highest demand on our network and has the lowest amount of ad fraud.

Zeropark filters out fraudulent traffic no matter which kind of inventory you’re using. The difference with Premium Traffic is that the filtering process is much more advanced than for Standard Traffic, as it involves manual checking and double checking by our dedicated team.

The quality of Premium Traffic comes at a slightly increased price. The minimum CPV rate in PPV Run-of-Network (RON) campaigns for Tier 1 countries, such as the UK or the USA, is $0.0019 for Premium campaigns and $0.0001 for other inventory types.

The Premium Traffic feature aims to supply advertisers with highly converting traffic that comes from brand-safe sources.

Premium traffic is available for PPV Pop RON and MultiGeo campaigns. You can opt for this feature at the very beginning of campaign creation, right after you give the campaign a name.

“Standard” is quite self-explanatory. It’s equipped with the same ad fraud filtering as the Premium segment, but it’s not connected to the same tight pool of proven, good quality sources.

It’s also worth noting that once a campaign is live you can still optimize it and/or switch between Premium and Standard traffic types. For more details on different traffic types in Zeropark, head over to the Knowledge Base.

Selected & Premium Targets

Some time ago, we’ve introduced the Selected & Premium Targets feature to Zeropark. The features, have two different functionalities and are another great addition to your campaign optimization arsenal.

The Selected Targets algorithm is designed to constantly check for the best-converting placements for each campaign setting to create a whitelist. You can apply this list to your targeting when optimizing your campaign.

In other words, it’s a premium target list for your campaign with proven efficiency. It takes into account the historical data of your previous campaigns (if you provide postbacks), but also the global data from the past seven days.

Selected Targets are a sure bet when it comes to campaign optimization. The feature is available for Premium PPV Target Campaigns, in selected countries, at the final step of campaign creation and when editing the campaign. It’s also available for RON campaigns as a Premium traffic segment.

Now, the crème de la crème – Premium Targets. This feature can be found right next to the Selected Targets when adding a new target. It finds the highest volume targets from the Premium Traffic inventory based, again, on global data. If you need a lot of high-quality traffic, Premium Targets is the feature for you.

Just like Selected Targets, the Premium Targets feature utilizes our machine learning technology and works on the global data to comply its list of the best targets in terms of volume and quality.

You can find out more about the Selected & Premium Targets feature in this Knowledge Base post.

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