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Why Zeropark Implemented Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

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It’s possible that you didn’t notice our latest addition in Zeropark. After all, adding support for IPv6 to Zeropark isn’t like adding a new tab to the panel. Some advertisers, however, have asked our talented Account Managers how this change affects you and your campaigns on Zeropark.

The main reason for adding IPv6 alongside IPv4 in Zeropark is to improve your user experience and the efficiency of Zeropark.

But to discover the ins and outs of what IP, the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 and the benefits IPv6 brings, read on.

What on Earth are IP, IPv4, and IPv6?

Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of communication rules that helps computers send packets of data between each other. Basically, it makes the internet possible.

IP works like a postal system where you can send packets of information between users across the network, which is the internet.

To do this, each device needs to have a public and unique address (an IP address) to identify where to send the data. Just as you need a postal address to send a letter.

IPv4 is the dominant version at the moment, but things are changing.

The Problem with IPv4

How many devices do you use that connect to the internet? I’d guess most of us have at least a phone and computer, perhaps a tablet, probably a smart TV, and maybe some other wearable or internet of things device.

Each of these devices needs a separate IP address.

Unfortunately, IPv4 has a limited number of publicly available addresses, and now that even your toaster is connecting to the internet, there is a scarcity of IP address. In some case, this has caused multiple devices to use a single IP address.

For example, all the computers in a single building may share the same IP address, which in many cases makes them indistinguishable by the servers (and advertiser).

What’s the Difference Between IPv6 and IPv4?

IPv6 is the newest solution to the issue of scarcity of IP addresses. Well, it’s been around for over 20 years, but it’s only being rolled out slowly, expanding on the older version, IPv4.

With this new generation, there are a number of benefits over IPv4 for the advertiser and publisher.

How Do You Benefit from Running Ads on IPv6?

All the technical details like faster speeds, support for encryption, tunneling (data flow), and other tech stuff might be interesting for developers and engineers but what are the actual benefits for the average joe like you?

Well, below are the benefits that we can see that Zeropark advertisers and publishers will experience by Zeropark making the implementation to include IPv6:

  1.     IP Addresses are lengthened so that there is more unique, internet real estate.
  2.     Increased efficiency in data flow.
  3.     Increase in data sent around the internet.
  4.     Security

Here’s a few more details on each point and the benefits they bring.

Broader Inventory

Zeropark can now work with publishers that were exclusively using IPv6, Meaning that there is an increase in the amount of traffic that can be sent through Zeropark.

More Granular Data

With more IP address available thanks to IPv6, more devices can be provided with unique IP addresses. By ending IP address scarcity, publisher, carriers and internet service providers can provide more data.

This means the end of groups of users or devices on the same IP address, which can cloud data and analyses.

IPv6 gives Zeropark more granular data so advertisers will be able to more efficiently identify individual users that are connected to an IP address.

Faster Data Flow

IPv6 has several technical attributes which allow for faster data flow across the network. This not only applies between Zeropark the tracker you use but also your affiliate network and your offer.

This means that you will see a shorter delay in valuable information such as payouts, conversions and even spend on your campaigns.

Higher Security

Security is one of the main benefits of IPv6 because it offers end-to-end encryption. This will help to protect your data being transferred. As Zeropark has always valued our users’ security and privacy, switching to the more secure IPv6 was an obvious step.

Welcome to the World of IPv6 in Zeropark

As you can see, IPv6 brings some real advantages over IPv4 for everyone involved. From greater data to the speed of reporting. For the moment, both IPv4 and IPv6 are available in Zeropark so there’s no downside.

We’re confident that IPv6 will continue to grow and become the dominant form of IP address in the future. By adding IPv6 to Zeropark we’re ready for that future and all the benefits it brings.

And so are you.

We hope to hear back from you about your experience after the changes along with any feedback.

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