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Zeropark meets Voluum… again! The Latest Integration Guide.

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Zeropark and Voluum have been developed under the same roof. This means that if you’re a Voluum tracker client and are looking to try a new source, there are various benefits to choosing Zeropark. Vice versa, if you want to track your Zeropark campaigns, Voluum is the perfect fit. 

Why? Because there is simply no other traffic source and tracker combination that offers similar perks. 

What you’re going to find below is a comprehensive guide to integrating your Zeropark account with Voluum. Read and learn how to maximize the potential of your campaigns and benefit from the latest integration as well as the new features that came with it.

Why should you use an affiliate tracker?

As you might already know, starting affiliate marketing without a tracker is perfectly possible… but it’s not sustainable. It’s true that you don’t need a tracker to achieve the first few conversions, but then what? How will you know what placements perform best and when to cool your jets before burning the whole budget?

In order to analyze and learn from the data you’ve gathered using a tracker becomes absolutely essential. 

Currently, tracking solutions offer all kinds of free, beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans for clients with different business needs. Although choosing an ad tracking software may seem like a complicated process, it’s really not. It requires proper research, and such research entails checking how your favorite traffic source integrates with various trackers.

But first, let us show you why it’s worth it.

Benefits of Zeropark and Voluum integration

1. Managing all of your Zeropark campaigns directly from Voluum.
Having all your data in one place saves you both time and energy. Monitoring the performance of your campaigns from an affiliate tracker gives you exactly that. Available actions include changing bids, pausing, resuming, or deleting your campaigns. But that’s not all…

We’ve recently updated and improved the already existing Zeropark and Voluum integration. The new version allows Zeropark clients to enjoy additional benefits. Have a look!

2. Setting optimization rules in Voluum.
Thanks to the automated rules, Zeropark clients are now able to pause and/or resume campaigns, offers, or single custom variables when certain conditions are met. 

3. Receiving alerts when a campaign’s performance suddenly changes.
The custom alerts can be set for a variety of cases, e.g. to send an alert when your offer stops converting or your campaign’s performance goes up significantly!

4. Having your custom variables automatically marked with colorful icons when certain criteria are met.
Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to easily see what custom variables are profitable right after logging in to your account.

5. Checking your campaign’s set up for you!
Yes, this integration is making your life as easy as possible. Voluum can now check and analyze your Zeropark’s campaigns to make sure everything is set up correctly. That, in turn, prevents Zeropark from sending traffic to flawed campaigns. If all potential issues are identified and fixed, you won’t pay for traffic that hasn’t been used.

6. No event count limit!
There is no other integration between a traffic source and a tracker that allows you to track any amount of events without additional costs. Using Voluum as your tracker means that you can track as many Zeropark campaigns as you want. Events from these campaigns will not count toward the total event count in Voluum. You can spend as much as you want on Zeropark traffic and there will be no overages added to the cost of your plan.

7. Getting more granular insights.
A prime benefit of any tracker is providing more detailed insights into each singular step of the flow. Since Zeropark and Voluum share the same database, the conversion tracking is at the highest level of accuracy. 

Additionally, Voluum’s auto-optimization features use that detailed data to boost the ROI of your campaigns. This intelligent system diverts traffic to the best-performing landing pages and offers based on the user’s information. The AI does this by analyzing previous campaign data, so when a new visitor comes in, it sends the visitor to the best path that leads to a higher chance of conversion. Calculation happens in real-time and the weights of each path are adjusted accordingly.

8. Better end-user experience and higher reliability.
When integrated, the tracking info is sent straight from Zeropark to Voluum via the shared back end system, so there is no middle white page for your visitors to see. This does not only improve the experience of potential leads/customers, but also improves the accuracy of tracked data that you analyze to maximize your campaign’s performance.

9. Quick campaign tracking set up.
After successfully integrating your accounts, every Zeropark campaign can be updated with Voluum’s campaign URL. No more setup is necessary and all tokens are configured automatically.

10. Unmatched support.
Both product teams operate in the same office, so if you have any problems they’re quick to respond and resolve issues.

Voluum Integration Benefits

Zeropark and Voluum Ad Tracker integration FAQ

The two most common questions regarding Zeropark and Voluum integration are actually quite simple to answer. If you’re still not convinced by now, you should definitely give it a quick read.

I use Voluum but why should I start using Zeropark?

Zeropark is a premium traffic source offering the highest volumes of CPC and CPM traffic.

If you are a beginner you might appreciate the clean and intuitive interface, as well as the help of Zeropark’s support team, who readily provide Zeropark advertisers with up-to-date information about top-performing GEOs and verticals as well as personalized whitelists.

Other benefits of joining Zeropark include a free two week live onboarding during which you can learn everything there is to know about our platform. The onboarding is tailored to the needs of each particular affiliate marketer depending on their level of experience.

I use Zeropark but why should I change my tracker to Voluum?

Voluum is the industry leader among tracking solutions. Many pro-affiliates recommend it because of its reliability. 100% tracking servers’ uptime since 2015 means your every click is safe with them. Voluum is also the fastest cloud-hosted tracker when it comes to redirect speed. If you’re not a fan of redirects, it offers a completely redirectless way of tracking, too.

Switching to Voluum and using it with your Zeropark campaigns gives you a unique opportunity to scale without worrying about tracking costs. Essentially, it’s the most cost-effective tracker to use with Zeropark and that stays true for every kind of traffic available on the platform.

Other features setting Voluum apart from other trackers include desktop and mobile alerts, bot protection feature, lander protection script, and Voluum mobile app. Massive amounts of educational content will help you navigate through the tracking setup process. 

Also, let’s not forget that as a Zeropark user you have access to a free two-week trial of Voluum. You can request it from your Zeropark’s dashboard.

How to connect a Zeropark account with Voluum?

Before you perform the integration, remember that you can integrate one Zeropark account with one Voluum account only. 

If you try to integrate your Voluum account with a Zeropark account that already has been integrated with another Voluum account, you will get an ‘Unable to integrate’ error message. In that case, contact the support team of either one of the products.

Also, the integration is enabled for single campaigns across the platforms. That is, you will not be able to toggle targeting or bidding in a Voluum campaign if it has multiple Zeropark campaigns feeding traffic into it.

Now, in order to connect the two accounts you need to perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the AUTOMIZER module.
  2. Go to the Traffic Sources tab.
  3. Click the Add traffic source button.Voluum integrations tab
  4. Click on the Zeropark tile.Voluum integration traffic sources
  5. You will be redirected to the Zeropark login panel. Provide your Zeropark account login credentials and click the Log in button.Log in to Zeropark
  6. Then you will be redirected back to Voluum’s Integration tab. If everything’s done correctly, a Zeropark account has been successfully integrated message will be displayed.

Account has been integrated successfully

How to integrate Zeropark campaigns with a Voluum account?

Campaign integration requires only one more action from your side. 

  1. Sign in to Voluum.
  2. Set up a new campaign funnel with Zeropark as a traffic source. If you do not know how to set up a campaign funnel in Voluum, read the Standard Guide article.
    Voluum Note:
    For your convenience, Zeropark is automatically added as a traffic source element in Voluum, so you do not need it to add it when using Zeropark in your campaign funnel.
  3. Click the Copy button next to the campaign URL to copy it to the clipboard.Copy URL for approval
  4. Sign in to Zeropark.
  5. Create a new campaign or edit an existing one.
  6. Provide the campaign URL in the Destination URL field.Destination URL

Your campaign is configured to be tracked by Voluum. It will be marked with a ZP tag.

After integrating accounts, small changes to the Voluum interface will be applied. To find out more on the Voluum interface changes after the integration, please read the Zeropark Full Integration article.

How to set rules, alerts, and markers for your Zeropark campaigns in Voluum?

  1. Set the rule name.
  2. Choose the affected element (campaign, offer or a dimension, e.g. creative, site, zone)
  3. Select the campaign.
  4. Choose the action to perform from pause, resume, alert, or mark.
  5. Select event or metric type from the following options:Metric Types
  6. Select a logical condition (is lower than, is higher than, is lower than or equals or is higher than or equals) and provide the value of your indicator. You can add more than one logical condition. 
  7. Select a time frame that this rule will be applied to (1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days)

You can find more detailed information and step-by-step instructions in the Voluum documentation.

The most important thing is that all features connected to this integration, as well as the already mentioned unlimited events tracking, will remain completely free of charge for Zeropark clients! 

Integration features summary

To summarize, you can start affiliate marketing without a tracker but you will need it as soon as you get serious about your campaigns. No other tracker-source combination offers the same kind of benefits as ZPxVLM does. So, once again, what are the perks and features of the Zeropark and Voluum Integration?

  • All-in-one campaign management center
  • Optimization rules
  • Performance alerts
  • Custom variable markers
  • Automatic campaign set-up check
  • No event count limit
  • ROI-boosting auto-optimization algorithms
  • Granular traffic performance insights
  • 100% accuracy in data tracking
  • High system reliability
  • Quick set-up
  • Reliable support


So, are you ready to reap the benefits of the improved Zeropark x Voluum integration?

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