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Bangkok, Thailand
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Is there a better way to start December than to attend one of the industry’s classics, the Affiliate World Asia conference? Zeropark’s team is heading to Bangkok where we’ll join the top industry players to discuss the latest developments, share knowledge, connect with our partners, and make new connections.

Are you coming to Bangkok this December too and are interested in discussing the influence commerce media solutions have on affiliate marketing? If so, we should catch up in the booth A18!

To ensure a one-on-one meeting with one of our team members, choose a fitting time from the calendars below.

Our attendees

Photo of Olga Kozub

Olga Kozub

Team Lead Account Managers Advertisers at Zeropark

  • 5+ years of experience managing Zeropark’s key accounts on the demand side, with a background in Investment Banking
  • Leading the Zeropark Account Managers team to outstand the expectations of our clients and outperform their needs
  • Amazing Zeropark’s partners with both quality and scope of opportunities we’ve prepared for them
In such a fast-paced environment, you must be up to date with all the new trends to stay on top. Thanks to Zeropark commerce media and the support of our dedicated teams you can rest assured that you have all the tools and data you need to thrive. Let’s grow together!
Photo of Maciej Kwarciany

Maciej Kwarciany

Key Account Manager at Zeropark

  • 4+ years of experience supporting partners on both supply and demand sides to make the most out of commerce media
  • Developing commerce media solutions in the Zeropark ecosystem and enabling their scalability
  • Understanding partners’ perspectives, expectations, and roadblocks and finding the best ways for Zeropark to answer their needs
A deep understanding of our partners’ challenges allows us to truly get what needs to be done to enable both parties' profitable collaboration. With our knowledge of commerce media solutions, we can make your brand thrive. Let’s have a conversation!
Photo of Barbara Wiącek

Barbara Wiącek

Account Manager at Zeropark

  • 3+ years of experience managing Zeropark’s accounts on the supply side
  • Supporting our supply side partners throughout all stages of their Zeropark journey, from the onboarding process to audience optimization and scale-up.
  • Growing the accounts of Zeropark’s partners with the best offers for their audiences.
Can’t wait to visit Bangkok and have the chance to meet with our current and future partners in person! Are you looking for a commerce media solution that supports the growth of your business during all phases of your advertising endeavor? If so, let’s connect!
Photo of Magdalena Bober

Magdalena Bober

Branding Manager at Zeropark

  • 4+ years of experience in affiliate and digital marketing, with an all-round background in community & social media management, content writing, and partnerships
  • Responsible for event branding & supporting event preparation
  • Making sure the time you spend at the Zeropark booth is a memorable experience
Excited to visit the Asia edition of Affiliate Summit Conferences to catch up on the latest developments in the online advertising market. The impact of commerce media is spreading and there’s no better way of catching up with the industry than attending the biggest networking event in Asia.

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