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London, UK

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PI Live Europe event is a chance for us to connect with top industry professionals right before the hottest season in commerce: Black Friday-Cyber Monday. We’re excited to discuss how commerce media can help leverage transparent and safe organic audiences to maximize advertising! 

Our team travels to London to make new exciting connections and share our insights on how commerce media solutions can revolutionize performance marketing.

Schedule a 1:1 meeting by using our calendars below or simply find us during the event in booth 44! 

Our attendees

Photo of Petr Misek

Petr Misek

VP of Business Development

  • 15+ years of experience in the digital advertising space, with a background in the domain monetization field
  • Managed a portfolio of over a million domain names
  • Now leading a Business Development Team at Zeropark and helping brands and agencies drive efficient sales and incremental performance
With PI LIVE Europe’s attendees list full of exciting retailers, publishers, and adtech industry shakers, I’m excited to collaborate in the venue with future and existing partners of Zeropark. As Zeropark offers incremental commerce media solutions for advertising, I am sure we’ll find a scalable way for your business to grow. Let’s talk!
Photo of Katarzyna Świca

Katarzyna Świca

Senior Media Buyer at New Programmatic

  • 10+ years of experience in the media buying industry
  • Extensive knowledge of multiplatform management (including Google, Meta, Snapchat, Twitter, and more)
  • Working with flexible campaign goals across a variety of industries and managing monthly advertising budgets of more than $2 million
While communication and transparency are key for establishing good relationships with our partners, the use of modern technology for smart campaign planning and optimization truly helps drive business goals more efficiently. Let’s discuss how we can do exactly that for you!
Photo of Aleksander Jankowski

Aleksander Jankowski

Senior Media Buyer at NewProgrammatic

  • 5+ years of experience in the media buying industry
  • Has successfully run 2,000+ campaigns and helped achieve 100x ROAS
  • Specialized in working with e-commerce & retail partners
I believe that data-driven campaign optimization is key to bringing efficient performance to our partner’s campaigns. Combined with a unique portfolio of commerce media solutions, it’s a perfect match for driving excellent sales with perfect data transparency. Sounds like something we could talk about?

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