Advertiser Guidelines

Below you will find a list of guidelines applicable to campaigns ran on ZeroPark. The criteria described herein are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to reject any campaign. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General guidelines

No malware, adware, etc. Any campaigns disseminating harmful or malicious software will be rejected. Advertisers attempting to run such campaigns may have their accounts closed without prior notice. Any money spent on such campaigns will not be refunded.

No trademark violations on landing pages. Please refrain from using company logos and trademarked terms on landing pages without the consent of the trademark owner.

Adult campaigns:

Other restrictions:

Campaigns restrictions:

Campaigns on Zeropark can be rejected for a number of reasons and campaigns that breach advertiser guidelines will receive strikes. Accounts that receive strikes are subject to being banned without refund. 

Campaign Rejections that will NOT receive strikes:

Campaign Rejections that WILL receive strikes (and be subject to ban):